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New Stradale Owner

Hi there! New to the forum, and also to the sport/pastime/passion ...

Anyhow, I just put a deposit down on a new 2015 Stradale, and will be picking it up in a week's time. I had originally sought out a 2016 model, but was informed by the dealer that North America (I'm in Canada) will not be receiving the new model year Rivale or Stradale due to poor sales performance. With this info, I worked at getting the best price I could on a remaining brand new 2015! Is this similar for other parts of the globe, or just a NA phenomenon?

Being new to all of this, I would also appreciate some guidance on gear - particularly a jacket. I'm partial to leather for a number of reasons. Is there a particular cut/style of jacket better suited to the Stradale's riding position? I don't have a lot of options locally to try different brands and styles, so I'm likely going to have to order online. It's easy to find jackets that suit my aesthetic tastes, but they're certainly not cheap, and I'd like to find something that suits the form/function requirements on the first go! Thanks in advance.

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