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Hi Gero,

Welcome to the forum, and congratulations on your new bike.
I have a standard TV, so there may be some differences, but here's what I can say in response to your questions from my experience.
1. The low fuel warning light comes on very early. The Fuel Trip does count up from when the warning light comes on. I've ridden for 50 miles (80km) after the light came on and when I filled up there was still a couple of litres left.
2. I haven't tried connecting a TomTom to the TV, but I have had issues using my phone and headset with the bike. I use an Android phone with theCoPilot navigation app, when connected via the bike there is a delay in switching on comms for routing instructions so you miss the first few words. I might go back to just pairing the phone to the headset, as I can't access the phone contact list from the TV which seems to be a known problem that MV are supposed to be working on.

Turismo Veloce
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