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@ dean100yz
Watched your vids; nice!
Brands Hatch is on still on my list; been to Cadwell Park and that was awesome
To me shifting on your bike is pretty OK compared to video I posted.

@ Nephalem
That's something I didn't want to hear of course. Good to hear that you got a new engine.
The F3 800 I currently have in mind is a 2013 model with 5500km
I think I don't have any warranty from MV anymore.

In the meantime I read on German forum that the F3 (800?) has it's longest shiftdrum travel between 3 and 4 where most other bikes have that between 1 and 2.
In combination with a quickshifter with only one killtime setting that might be a reason for improper shifting from 3 to 4.

I have had several quicksifters in the past; also Cordona.
Best experience so far with the HM (strain gauge type).

If I look at the stock MV F3 QS I am pretty sure it is a DynoJet/PC with MV sticker on it.
So changing to from a stock to a DynoJet/PC quickshifter won't change a lot I think.

Ideally I would like a quickshifter with the possibility to change sensitivity and killtime per gear but that comes at a cost...

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