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Which limited edition F4?

Hi guys, I've been off the forum for a while, but I'm on the brink of buying another MV. I'm after one of the limited editions. Can you guys advise which of the following had the highest Retail Price RRP, when new?

- F4 1000 Senna
- F4 Ago
- F4 Tamburini

From my research I can see that technically the Senna is the highest spec with regards to the Suspension/Brakes power output, followed by Tamburini then Ago, although I believe the Tamburini has the variable intake Trumpets and also full Carbon bodywork I think?

Have I got that right? And which of the three is generally considered most desirable? I presume it's going to be the one that had the highest RRP when new?

Your opinions are welcome, Thanks!
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