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Wink Octopus

Bloke walked into a quiet country pub accompanied by his pet octopus. They both sat at the bar having a few pints when one of the locals asked about the octopus as it was slithering up and down the chair leg.

The owner said it was a very famous and musically talented octopus!!

The barman listening to all this said he had a banjo in the car if the beast fancied his chances he'd give him a fiver if he could get a tune out of it!!

Giving it to the octopus, within 5 minutes it was strumming the banjo like a true professional and was duly paid the fiver.

Obviously the noise combined with the spectacle of having an octopus drinking beer attracted attention from others at the bar.

Next up it was a violin for a tenner!!

After opening the case the octopus looked at if for a while before finishing his pint and tucking the violin under his chin and playing it like Yehudi Menuhin................

By this time quite a crowd had gathered around the stranger with the talented musical octopus.

Over the next hour or so the octopus drank a few more beers and played a harmonica, guitar, bassoon, harp and a trumpet all belonging to folk at the bar and indeed made quite a few quid.

A 'canny' scots bloke was sat at the other end of the bar watching what was happening and saw his chance to make an easy fifty quid.

Slipping out to his car he came walking back into the bar with a set of bagpipes under his arm, he challenged the owner of the octopus to a fifty pond bet that (even though highly skilled) he couldn't get a tune from a set of bagpipes!!

The bet was accepted and the octopus began familiarizing himself with this new instrument.

Ten minutes past by and there was nothing.

Fifteen minutes past by, at which time the octopus which was full of beer had now fallen off its chair and was wresting under the table with the bagpipes, but still no sound!!

The scotsman by this time saw the octopus was clearly struggling and asked the owner for the fifty 'a bet is a bet'!!

The owner calmly looked over to the scotsman and replied ......

"Don't worry, just give him another couple of minutes because as soon as he finds he cant fuck it.............he'll play it!!!
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