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This might help you ,On 29/05/2011 6:59 PM, Eddy Proietti wrote:
Hi John, I have no idea what is going on there, but any way hope to catch up with you, ok first off all you need to purchase a arrow mid pipe with lambda sensor provision. Next take of stock rear mufflers, undo the 2 holding bolts for the cat one each side .leave the bolts loose in there just for now. Get a piece of thin ply or cardboard and protect the radiator or thick rag whatever you have, now undo the header pipes. You might need a couple of mates to help, pull out the cat bolts, and move the front headers down, be careful you might have to muck around a bit to get them down.ok once out I will have to give you the correct cutting measurements which i will draw up for you, mine is perfect fit. On the back of the pipes near the 2 looking kind of rivets near the cat is a metal bracket you will have to grind this down with a 4 inch grinder, very easy to do, you will understand when i give you that measurement. Sorry almost forgot when you drop the cat have someone undo the lambda underneath. See if you can get to that first just make enough space and undo it.
My biggest concern was that the header pipes were not going to fit in the mid pipe, absolutely perfect fit no springs needed at all to hold everything together .this mod was easy and cheap and looks great, I will send you pics and cutting measurements, putting back together is easy, start with headers first, then mid pipe, then mufflers. Ok sound wise it is deeper ,i like it, horse power wise ? maybe better this is debatable as I have yet not used all the power of this bike, you may need to have the bike tuned again as mine was backfiring a lot, but i did buy this second hand and i reckon they had different pipes on it,2 small bumps on the radiator gave it away when they probably tried to pull the header pipes out, so you might be ok . anyway John if you are not feeling comfortable doing this come down for a visit and i will help you, i have all the tools and a 3 bay garage. I live at just put on a powercommander 5 ,will have this dynotuned in july by,corbin seat arrives on the 10 july,crg arrow mirrors coming this week with blanks for the clutch and brake levers.bloody hell can not help myself.
Cheers eddy
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