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Haych, where on this big blue marble do you reside? Which tracks do you ride?

Bruce is correct, the 800 is the easier bike to ride. However, if this is going to be a “track only” bike then why not look for a gently used F3 675? I believe it’ll make you a better rider. Besides, it’s always more fun to ride a smaller bike fast than a larger bike which you may not want to push as hard. Not that the 675 is slow. It just requires more work from a rider than the bigger 800.

I do not want to resurrect the “Rear Brake Debate” but, one problem MV’s suffer from is rear brake air lock. I see on the latest F3’s that MV have relocated the rear reservoir. Anyone know if they have added a better heat shield or moved the rear master? Has what MV done cured the problem?

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