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Justice Prevails

Last Sunday morning I took the 910R out for usual run up past Canyon Lake. On the way out on two lane Hwy 88 I was stuck behind a Chevy Silverado (pickup truck). I was patient, no sense in doing anything rash and getting a ticket or worse as I headed NE from Apache Junction.

After a few miles I knew there were two opportunities to legally pass before I got into the real twisty bits. Even though he was going the speed limit I definitely wanted to be ahead of him by then. As soon as I hit the broken yellow line I downshifted and and swung around. He apparently anticipated this move and floored it. I thought "WTF, like he can stop me from passing?". For good measure I kept it WFO as I went up another gear.

The road sweeps to the right after the short passing zone. By then I was up to maybe 80-85mph. I enjoyed the sweeper but as I was completing the turn I saw an SUV ahead on the shoulder. Wouldn't you know it, Maricopa County Sheriffs Office Deputy. I picked the bike upright and laid on the brakes. A second or two later the speedo read 49mph, I released the brakes and held the clutch in as I coasted past him.

Of course I pulled my elbows in to check the mirrors, just in time to see the Chevy Silverado powering through the sweeper. As he passed the MCSO deputy I saw him light up. I kept looking back to see if he was after me. Nope he took the Silverado. There is a god.
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Very cool!
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Beautiful! He had it coming!

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that is so sweet.... I knew God rode a motorcycle and that just proves it... excellent..lol!
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Sometimes...just sometimes we have our moment in the sun!!
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i am so happy it worked out that way...
nice justice
nothing scares me more than a pickup truck driver with huge balls
i wonder how many other riders this guy has tried to KILL over the years

i wonder THIS:
IF the cop HAD NOT been there....
and he continued to drive OVER HIS and the TRUCK'S "limit"....
what would you have done?
if he was close enough behind you to "force" you to ride even faster than you desired

OF COURSE the brutale is faster than his pickup....
but.... some big-balled JERK in a silverado can increase your BROWN-STAINED-UNDERWEAR "experience"
if you know what i mean

what WOULD you have done then?

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but take your family and friends along for the "ride"

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Hey Koop, kind of a similar story happened to me. Well, vaguley similar.

There is one single, solitary passing zone on Mt. Lemmon in Tucson, a very short one right before the fee collection point on the way up.

I'm on the MV cruising behind this white Camaro for probably a mile doing about 32 or so (limit is 35). So I see the passing zone, note that no cars are coming the other way, and nail it to get around the Camaro. I mistakenly crossed the double yellow about 6 to 12 feet before it went dashed.

Wouldn't you know it, it was an unmarked police car with a Noo Yawk transplant with an attitude at the wheel of it. Threw the book at me. He was going slow just waiting for me to do something, the prick.

1. Crossing Double Yellow (ok, I did that, I'll pay)
2. Driving left of center (umm... Isn't that covered in #1?)
3. Speeding (umm... no way to know exactly how fast, and isn't it required to speed sometimes to pass safely?)


Went to court on a case I built myself that I thought would be reasonable. And Noo Yawk was walking out of the courtroom as I was walking in. Apparently, he was on his way out for the day. He recognized me and cursed under his breath. Didn't show back up either, so I won.

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I once saw an ex-superbike racer (not giving any names to protect the identities) go so fast into a corner on the road that an NSX that had been showing off and fancying it's chances totally lost it when he panick-braked and span out off the road.

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Originally Posted by quacker998
that is so sweet.... I knew God rode a motorcycle and that just proves it... excellent..lol!
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