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mrinflux I said it once and I'll say it again....The work was already done! It didnt need doing! If it needed to be done I wouldnt be asking for advice.

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Originally Posted by Ballz View Post
Hey Guys I need a lil advice from the forum about a certain situation I have recently encountered. I dont know if anyone else has had a similar problem like this but here goes.....

I have a '05 F4 1000 and I am located in a place where I have the only MV in town. To make a long story short I took my bike to have 2 things that needed to be done:

1. I needed to replace 1 fuel injector (which was purchased from a good guy on this site for $100).
2. I needed to have 2 scratches on the left fairing and 1 (small pinky nail size) chip on the gas tank which I was quoted the price of $400.

Now close to a month later I receive an email with an invoice attached to it with the following information:


Forks dismantled, cartridges flushed & oil replaced (Klotz 5W)
Steering bearings repacked
Wheel bearings inspected
Shock & suspension pivots greased
Cush drive inspected
Chain cleaned
Rear hub dismantled & greased
Brake/clutch fluids flushed & replaced
Brake calipers washed
Throttle cable lubricated
Brake & clutch lever pivots cleaned & lubricated
Spark plugs cleaned & gapped
Valve clearance inspected/ adjusted
Motor mount bolts tightened
Throttle bodies cleaned & synchronized
#1 injector replaced
Vacumn lines replaced
Fuel lines & quick disconnects replaced
Fuel filter replaced
Air filter replaced
Seat lock replaced
Oil & filter replaced (Klotz 20/50)
Radiator flushed & coolant replaced
Electrical grounds, starter connection cleaned
Engine shampooed
Left fairing & gas tank repaired & painted

Parts/Supplies = $595
Fuel filter - $10
4 liters Prestone coolant - $20
2 liters Klotz 20w/50 - $40
2 liters Klotz fork fluid (5W) - $50
4 Oiteker clamps - $10
Brake/clutch fluid (DOT 4) - $10
525 master link - $5
Van rental $45
Body work repaired and painted (Ottawa Valley Custom) - $400
Labor = $850

Total = $1440

So as you can imagine I was in complete shock, pissed off like you wouldnt beleive and my first reaction was to go over to his home and choke the shit out of him, especially since I made it very clear that I only needed 2 things done to my bike and thats it and "BOOM"! So I guess my question is has this happened to anyone else and if so please tell me how the hell did you dealt with it!? I will also say that this is not a dealership I am dealing with, he is just a guy that likes to work on high end bike out of his garage.

Thanks guys and I hope you can lend some good advice before I have to sell the bike for bail money.....cheers
Originally Posted by Ballz View Post
@mrinflux as far as "major" service to be was already done!

If the major service had already been recently performed, then the mechanic performed unnecesary work, and he stole from you. Any mechanic who knows what he's doing would recognize that the oil didn't need changing, that the bearings were freshly packed, that the valves were already in adjustment, etc.... Re-doing all this work was unethical. I don't think you should pay for work that didn't need to be done.

And btw, in your initial post you didn't mention that the contested work had already recently been done! My answer was always conditioned on your needing the work and the work being done competently at a fair price. Later on, when you mentioned that the major service had in fact already been done, this became more of a hypothetical discussion about the ethics of not paying for unauthorized, but needed, work, rather than a discussion about your particular case.

How recently had you done the major service? Was it in fact so recent that the oil was still clean? If you had recently had a major service done by somebody else, why didn't you have the same person who did your recent major service replace the faulty fuel injector? I ask because I see that this will likely become an issue. You see where I'm going with this? "Recent," and exactly how recent it was, is likely to become a bone of contention.

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Yes I see exactely where you are going. I did mention it in one of my earlier posts that the work had already been done. I had the work done in November before storing it in my garage. This work was done in the US before the snow hit here in canada. I alone during the winter damaged my own fuel injector removing a power commander. Thats where he comes into play....I called him in January and with a witness present in the room told this guy what I needed him to do. At that time it was only the fuel injector I mentioned and it wasnt until a later phone that I mentioned the fairing and he said hey I have a guy, the best guy around who can do the work. Dont get me wrong I understand what you are saying, I work for the Government up here and the laws here are waaaaay different than they are at home. According to the laws here, no mechanic anywhere whether can charge you for work over and above what you agreed upon...thats the law. They are required by law to call you with estimates prior to even performing said work for you. If you decline said work then they are then again required by law to put your shit back together the way it was when you drove it into the shop with no charge to you labor or otherwise. And all this has to be in writing and signed by you and the mechanic doing the work before you even hand over the keys. So by me asking for advice on how to handle this another way is being more than nice! Because as it stands by CANADIAN LAW he isnt entitled to anything except the cost to replace 1 fuel injector and paint repair and work which he didnt do himself....I also must add that when speaking to someone at FBF and he noticed $850 dollars labor his reaction was WOW this is alot for a guy that works on bikes out of his garage. He also noticed on the invoice as Im sure others did as well where he says that he "inspected" a few things. So there are alot of things that need to be explained and I'm more than willing to listen to him.
Again influx I really appreciate what you are saying.
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I reckon a more accurate analogy would be that if a gardener comes to my house to mow my lawn - and then claims to have fertilised my organic vegetable plot with chemicals for which he wants $850 labo(u)r. That's no good and I would be outraged.

With a bike there's no obvious way that I can tell that it's due for a major service. Many of the items on the list are difficult to verify anyway and almost certainly haven't been done.
He's trying it on and if he was in the UK and I hadn't retired, I would be looking at locking him up for Pecuniary Advantage (fraud in the course of employment). Certainly the UK Trading Standards Agency would be interested.

Do me a decent job and I'll tell all my friends. Do a crap one and I'll tell the world.

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Posts: 655 have you talked to the mechanic yet or not about the bill??
I can't wait to see what he will say about it....

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No I havent spoken with him yet. I wont be able to do it until I get back into town where he is. I guess I could send an email but that will give him a chance to prepare some more BS. I think face to face is the way to go.
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The gardening analogy is a good one,

its like me cutting a guys lawn as per the agreement, then me taking it uponmyself to lay a new patio as the old one looked a bit tired... there's no way i would or should expect the customer to pay for it

He will probably use the line of 'no one else minds if i recify other items without their consent' or 'ithought i asked you and you said yes i could recify any other things i saw'

Its a tricky one and mostly your word against his- the ass hole!!!

I feel an amicable and reasonable compromise may be the way forward- i.e you will cover his cost of the parts if he can prove he used them- and he swallows the labour as you didn't ask him to do the work.

Good Luck-

"The first rule of Italian driving: Whats behind me is not important" 'The Gumball Rally' 1976
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As long as they did a good job then I would at the least negotiate a fair fee for work performed. I wish someone would wander in here and do some stuff. I'm tired.
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