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Haven’t been pulled over for many years. They prefer to focus on revenue rather than addressing the issue on the spot.

Our speed control is monitored with hidden cameras. A fortnight ago, I got a picture and ticket in the post, 2 weeks after the event. 7km/h (4mp/h) over the limit on a downhill stretch of suburban road.
Our police have no leeway with their speed guns. They are connected via wifi, and the process is automated.

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try moving to west sussex in England if you want to interact with the boys in blue , seems like sundays are open house on harrassment of bikers
never seen to have spot check on four wheeled vehicles just us with two wheels , seems like the chief constable down here has a downer on bikes , just love it when you get held up and lectured on the way to behave and that their the ones that have to scrape us up and break the bad news to our familys, whatever happened to good coppers that just waved a finger and that you would respect because of it , i'm not saying its ok to get stupid but common sense must rule or is this the changing face of policing ie big brother , it got so bad down here a couple of years ago that i stopped going out on two wheels on sundays because of the frequency of being stopped. I actually sent my driving document to the west sussex police headquarters with a covering note that as they wanted to inspect them on such a regulsr basis that they may as well keep them on file , they did get retuned to me with a shitty letter
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Originally Posted by revhead1957 View Post
Haven’t been pulled over for many years. They prefer to focus on revenue rather than addressing the issue on the spot.

Our speed control is monitored with hidden cameras. A fortnight ago, I got a picture and ticket in the post, 2 weeks after the event. 7km/h (4mp/h) over the limit on a downhill stretch of suburban road.
Our police have no leeway with their speed guns. They are connected via wifi, and the process is automated.

That's crazy. The CHP (California Highway Patrol) works the road I live on occasionally and they don't bat an eye at 20MPH over the 40 limit. There are plenty of 80+ to keep them busy. Generally speaking the CHP will ignore 20 over anywhere.

Several years ago I was west-bound on the 580 Freeway east of Oakland and got into a 'lane choice contest with a Jag'. We were both at ~95MPH (limit is 65) when the CHP rolls up and sez, "Slow down!", over his loud-speaker, and keeps rolling. We both did as was requested.

There is no shortage of stupid rules in California, but nothing like the zero-tolerance speed laws like you describe.

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Originally Posted by Mario Landavoz View Post
Last time I was stopped was on my Duke. I think the cops just wanted to talk motorcycles. After a quick check of the reg' and my license they started talking about their bikes and recent rides. We talked for about 20 minutes and then they went on their way. See attached pic'.


With the exception of one Alameda County Sheriff that seems to be angry all the time all of my interaction with LEOs over the last 20 years has been positive.

Come on down to Australia if you want a daily conersation with cops.I hae been riding a incent and a Norin for 40+ years as my daily rides. Hundreds and hundreds of people hae talked to me and asked questios about the bike in that time. Neer eer eer has a copper made so much as a comment about them, they just issue the ticket. Yet I regularly hear that that cops stop people on a UJM just to look at the bike. Go figure.
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WOW Riders in UK take it tough. In Pennsylvania USA no hidden Cameras except at turnpike toll booths. If new areas are now covered please update me on situation. I know the Cops in my area they know me, most ride themselves. They do not usually give speeding tickets unless your going 60mph in school zone ect OR the Jackass that is really zig zagging through heavy traffic, riding on peoples bumpers and splitting lanes. When I was young/poor I rode a Kawasaki LTD 550 (only bought it because friend needed the money =Horrible bike) I rode 50 miles each way to work on Turnpike. Being it was a long strait boring ride, I Always ended up cruising 95 miles an hour and the speed limit was/is 55mph. Yet when Cops hit me with radar roughly 1 time every 2-3 weeks (worked as mechanic for year and a half on large over the road trucks, Mack freightliner ect.) The cops never even tried to pull me over.

Pa Police will pull a bike over for riding a paved shoulder in stopped traffic. in 2008 I had a TOTALLY worked 1420cc Buell Firebolt. 13:1 compression high lift cams, PENSKE suspension front/rear ect ect. Even had BUELL DESIGN FRONT BRAKES WITH CARBON CERAMIC PERIMETER ROTOR (pic on Jake End facebook page ) really a total race bike . Anyway , traffic on turnpike was stopped I rode the paved shoulder not to save time but to keep engine cool so I am going 70 MPH on the shoulder . Cop pulls me over . I am thinking , ticket for sure BUT I explained the situation and he told me to start bike. When he heard the uneven chop of high lift cams and explained the Carbon ceramic front brakes the cop says... wow that really is a race bike. I cant let you go 70 mph down the shoulder so wait until the traffic is moving again , the accident ahead should be cleared then go on your way …. Cool bike take care . PA cops are a good group in my book.

EXCEPTION: KING OF PRUSSIA PA... COPS there give everyone tickets. EXAMPLE, Home heating oil delivery trucks are not overweight even when full of fuel BUT can go overweight in winter if wet snow builds up under truck. They will NOT let you kick off the snow balls and then weigh truck and issue tickets . Cops in KOP even give other COPS tickets for going 6 miles over limit. Other Cops HATE KOP Cops.

When I was a Kid 17 I was CHASED by KOP over Danhower Brige which connects KOP to Norristown. I got to Norristown with KOP Cop chasing right behind me lights flashing, siren blasting when I saw a Norristown cop parked in a parking lot... I pulled up next to Norristown Cop and stopped . The KOP cop jumps out of car with hand on gun saying... your under arrest. Norristown Cops HATE KOP cops so much the Norristown cop says..... You do not arrest anyone in Norristown unless you call ahead and get permission. This kid is my arrest. KOP Cop is PISSED. But not as pissed as he was when the Norristown cop says to me …. I am giving you a warning for?.... the KOP Cop says riding 42 in a 35 mph zone on route 202. Norristown COP says.... You gotta be kidding me?? Kid go home and YOU( to the KOP Cop)DO NOT come into MY town without following proper procedure... Get OUT. The KOP cop leaves POED . Norristown Cop then tells me that HE got ticket for 6 miles over speed limit 41 in 35 zone on route 202 (which is technically a highway that goes through center of KOP=4 lanes)KOP cops are just assholes.

FYI, I have NOTHING against Cops. In fact I have close personal friends that are cops that I have know for over 20 years. But like in any profession you can find assholes.
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Last time I had a police interaction was one of our 'random' drug and alcohol tests on a Sunday morning as I was heading into the hills for a blast on the F4.
All very polite with the young constable doing the tests and then the older sergeant came up with his iPad and ask if the bike was mine, yes I said, haven't had it for long, he then told me my driver's license was suspended!
I had unpaid fines I didn't even know about, and I'm thinking, bugger, a Sunday morning, do I have to leave my bike here while I go to the DoT next morning to sort it out, but nice young constable says no, it's okay, I can give you the court numbers, you can pay it online and go!
So he helped me get the bike off the main road and helped me get the fines paid using my mobile phone, then we showed it all to the nice sergeant and they waved me off with a smile!
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Last time I get pulled over was in France in 2010. My French isn't great but the cop's was non existent. Got given a breathalyser test and was waved on my way.

When I say "given a breathalyser test" I mean that he gave me the kit, unused, to take away. They were in the process of introducing or trailing the proposed law that you have to carry two of these blow in the bag kits with you. Needless to say myself and my buddy tried them out in the camp site that night after a few beers...

In the UK I haven't been pulled over since the 80's. As a despatch rider in the City of London saw a bike cop sitting on his steed staring at me as I rode by. Somewhat transfixed by this I sailed though a red light Needless to say he waved me down... UK licence has DoB on it as part of your licence number, as luck would have it it was my birthday (365:1) and with a full apologetic atonement on my part for the offence I was let off.

Like @dansoarr says; a bit of politeness and a positive attitude goes a long way. Though there will always be the chance of coming up against a cop that has no heart or leniency.

For many years I've taken the attitude of riding respectfully though built up areas but will exercise my bike's capabilities, within reason, in NSL areas where conditions allow. Went to my IAM monthly meeting last night, have been a member since the summer, and collected my certificate for my test, got a First
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Originally Posted by dansoarr View Post
Ok, i was stopped by the police (south wales) 2 months ago for "making good progress".

Spent 2mins saying sorry, I'm know better, it wont happen again. Then 15 mins talking bikes politeness pays.

Yes indeed .... when I lived in London in the early 90s getting stopped was a regular occurrence as I owned a number of 2Ts and plod used the 'reason' of "it looks like a 125 and you don't have Lplates"

Helmet always came off and it was yes sir, no sir. Only time it didn't work was with a traffic officer on the Western Avenue (by the Master Brewer lights) when I was clocked at 97 through the 50 roadworks.

Proud owner of a 2015 F4 and a graduate of the school of 'stupid hurts!'
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Originally Posted by XPARAUK View Post
I was just reading a thread, where it was metioned about carrying your driving licence etc, just incase you were stopped by the Police.

Got me thinking and I cannot remember the last time I was stopped by the Police. I am sure it must be over 30 years ago. This is probaly not surprising, as the traffic police in the UK are becoming less and less.

What about you? When was the last time and what was the story?
Who doesn't carry their ID and insurance when out riding/driving?

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Originally Posted by falcn View Post
Who doesn't carry their ID and insurance when out riding/driving?
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