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Road to MV Agusta.

What made you buy one?
How did it all happen?
Was there sentimental value to your bike?
In what circumstances did you buy your first MV?

My road to MV Agusta.

I saw a F4 750S in 2003 in the main streets of Adelaide. I just thought, this
bike is absolutely beautiful. I didn't have a license back then so I didn't think
of riding one. Until 2006, I got my learner license for bikes. I told
myself, I had to get something Italian because they look better so I bought a
RS125 because it was the best looking bike that a learner could ride. In mid
2007, I visited HK in my holidays and my friend Kenny bought a F4 312R because
he's never seen a bike that looked any better than that. After a year and a bit,
I finally got my full license. I've been looking for a used F4 750S due to the price
of it but luck was never really on my side. About a month after I got my full license,
my dad came over to Adelaide to visit me and we had a look at some bikes. We
went to a MV dealer (obviously), he saw a F4 750Senna. He said to himself "I'm
gonna get one of these someday". It hasn't happened yet but I'm sure it will! After
a little while, I went and had a look at other bikes and tried a few 600s. The bike that
turned my head was a GSXR600 K7, not only because it was the best deal but with a
Yoshimura Can it sounds very similar to a MV. I've left myself with no other bikes to
choose from but GSXR600 so I bought one. One day I went for a cruise up the hill and
I met a person by the name of Simon (Rockethouse) who has a F4 1000S. I mentioned
to him that my friend Kenny rides a MV F4 312R and that's how we started our
friendship. After a few rides, Simon let me ride his F4 1000S and I was stunned by how
well it performed. I told myself "This is what I have to get before I die". At the end of
2007 I came back to HK and about a three weeks ago, my friend was selling his 1098
and I thought about it. I remembered "I must get myself a MV F4 before I die!" so I
went to an importer but HK has strict regulations towards imported bikes. Manufacturing
date has to be 2004 or later. What I did after a million times of failure, I joined the MV
Forum and started a thread asking about 1098 or F4 750S and obviously 1098 wins
everything. Some say "At the end of the day, it is what you want". I saw a Brutale S in
the importer's website, I was thinking "This might just be my first MV. Took it for a
test ride and it was sensational. I never thought of having a Brutale but after riding one,
I changed my mind. It is a more agile bike for HK (well....not much more than F4).
Besides, speaking of my financial status I couldn't even buy a F4 1000S. After all the
research and thoughts, I went into the importer and bought myself my first MV, Brutale S.
I told myself "This will not be my only MV, I will get a F4 1000 someday!"

This is the whole story of my road to MV Agusta.

Here is a clip of me riding my GSXR600.

Motorcycle is more than just a transport.

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Great writeup, Angelina Jolie in Gone in 60 Seconds did it for me. Seeing that front end drive up, with a ss swingarm and seeing her pull the helmet off sold me on the 750, by the time i had the cash in hand they had just come out with the 1000, and the rest is history. To have an MV at the age of 24, i consider myself extremely blessed!

I know some people have better ones than that, so lets hear them, good idea for a thread!

Get busy livin, or get busy dyin
Motorcycle Art!
You live more in 5 minutes on a bike like this, going
flat out, than most people live in a lifetime.
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They wouldn't give me a discount on a Gobert SB8K
I best freind bought a Corse and said it was time for me to upgrade my quality of ride and i could chose a better bike to role next to my boy on
dont regret a day of ownership
yeah, i see other guys complain about this that and the third about thier MV
But i got a bitchy wife to that is beautiful and i love, but you dont see me ringing God's bell on that one. Do you?
A man rides a man bike or rides a man, and i think the Italians see it that way to.

Italian outfit, Rubber, heat, grunting, and you fill the open hole for more?? What's not to love??
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I was looking for a naked bike, seriously considering a Ducati SR4 when I found this website. I had never seen nor heard of a Brutale before.

So, I located the 750 in New York and bought it.

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I've been fascinated with Italian bikes for a long time.
A few months ago, maybe August. I stumbled across this website.
I was actually looking at finding a 02 748s or a 998. Just looking!
When I started reading all the threads on this forum.
I started to build up this strange passion. Or lust. I couldn't believe it.
This bike was just so beautiful, so respected and cherished by it's owners.
I know it sounds funny but it felt like a family.
Meanwhile I had been going to my dealer every weekend.
Trying to find excuses to go out there.
Asking questions, nagging. (sorry crash2much)
I don't know why I was even going out there. I couldn't have one of these things!
Too much bloody money!
When one day Crashy said B. I've got a bike for you.
The rest is history.
I look forword to riding my bike.
I look forword to reading and posting on this forum.
I love the fact that I've met friends here.
I love the fact that I've met great friends at my dealership.
I love the fact that we all love motorcycles even if they aren't MV's.
But most of all I can't believe I own a MV.
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Almost Lost my arm in 1999 due to an offshore accident, thought that would be the end of my biking days,
over a few years I gradually got back the use of it, still not 100% but still working on it,
2003 my claim paid out,

I so wanted a F4 but the wonderfull MV Agusta factory wasnt producing at that time due to "problems"

They did start manufaturing later that year but forgot to inform the dealers!

September 2003 my EV03 arives

December 2007 got a 312 also

Just hope the 312 runs as well and as trouble free as the EV03 which has given me no problems
and I still prefer the silver star wheels of the EV03
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Totally out of my price range so thought i would never have an MV and classed it as wishfull exotica. Then in 2003 went to a local motorcycle show and saw the F4, and just had to have one.
I was running a nearly new Kawasaki Z1000 at the time and had an RD500 ongoing project, I put the RD on ebay and it sold for 3 times what i paid for it, the Zed was worth the same so i got enough cash together to buy my EVO3, took a while to find at the right price but have never looked back, would buy another if fortunes change too, want a collection of them infact. I ride off road and run a Yamaha WR450 so i get both extremes of motorcycling.
Im in a happy motorcycling world at the moment...........

looking forward to reading more of this thread I like it!

MV F4 750 EVO3 2003
MV Brutale 910s 2007
Honda VFR800 1998
Honda MBX 125 FE 1983
F4 Agusta mini moto replica
Chinese Quadbike made of peanut butter (crunchy).
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A French rendevous

My blue BMW was approaching 5 years old, it was my second R1100S, so I had been riding effectively the same bike for 9 years. I had been working in France (3 years) and was about to move on to a new phase in my life -working month on month off, returning each time home to Scotland - consequently burning a hole in my pocket were the proceeds from selling my left hand drive French registered Mini Cooper. I had recently driven the Beemer home to Aberdeen from Pau in South West France (900 miles).

One evening my wife and I walked down Avenue Grande Armee in Paris looking at every bike that could replace my trusty old Beemer. After some hours of looking I was not inspired by anything I had seen. Standing outside of a small scooter shop I said to my wife "I know what is in there, but I am not going in because it will not fit our needs." She decided to go in and saw the MV Agusta F4's lined up - there was a Course F4 and a 1000 Senna. She was inspired by the beauty of them. I said I couldn't buy one because we cannot tour together on an F4. She suggested, "keep the Beemer for touring together, and buy the F4 for solo rides". The rest is history.........
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I had a Harley (to ride with my buddies) and a Bimota Supermono (for the little twisties) in 99. I thought at this time it could be also something faster. That Year appeared the MV Agusta F4 Oro in Magazins. Ouch way to expensive. So I thought about a 996 or a SB6R or a SB8R. I visited dealers and the closest dealers didn't even had examples to show. Than I heard that the Strada version will come out in early 00 and for only the half price of the Oro. So I called a motorcycle magazin to find out who the importer is. They gave me the telephon number and the Importers name, Zupin Motorsports. I called them and they sended me a Brochure and a provisional dealers list. The first dealer in the list was just 100 km away and I gave him a call and asked him if I can order one. First off all he replayed that he is not yet sure that he will be a MV Agusta Dealer but said that I could order one. So I drove there, signed a contract without even seeing the bike before. I begged him even to take a deposit from me to make sure that I get one. So I paid 3000 Deutsche Mark as deposit, a thenth of the expected price. The Contract I signed in October 99. Begin of February 00 I got a call from the Dealer that my Bike is there. I was about 600 mls away from there due to a job and traveled to him on a Saturday. Just to get the Papers for registration and of course to look at it. I was 3 hours in the shop druwling all over the bike, I sat on the floor just starring at it. It was so beautyfull. It was the first F4 sold in East Germany. One week later I picked it up. A Owners Manual was not available at that time (I got it a half Year later with the Warranty Novell) and the dealer told me don't rev higher than 5000 Rpm. So I did and crawled home over the German Autobahn with 60 mph and Trucks passing and horning at me. But I was so proud that time I could always pee in my pants when I saw my MV. So much I loved my F4S. And I still love it and I still stare at it when ever I'm in the garage.
Later I came Member in the German MV Agusta Club and so in contact with all the historic MV Agusta's. I fell in love with the History and ancient Babies. Fell in love ? I developed in a real fanatic MV Agusta Maniac. So I carried the plan to ad a Classic MV to my F4. My Job in Italy close to the alps made me looking for a not to pricy Motorcycle. Looking for Ducati's, Bimota's etc I stumbled over my 350B. That's about it.
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My wife and I went to the open house in Charlotte, NC in October 2006. I originally wanted an F4 and the wife was not interested in an MV. She then saw the Brutale. We came home, thought about it and went to the Cycle World Show in January 2007 and we saw the Brutale 910R. We came home and thought about it some more. Our reluctance was that there was no dealer here in Raleigh. The wife said that if ther was a local dealer we would get two Brutale 910Rs. I talked to our local dealer(Matison Motorsports) and to Cagiva, USA. Everybody agreed that Matison should become a dealer and my wife and I took delvery of our his and her black Brutale 910Rs on March 24, 2007. We both love the bikes and the MV Agusta ownership experience.
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