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Thank You, LAPD

Thanks for letting me off the hook with just a warning tonite. I really deserved a speeding ticket.... I have no idea why the cop decided to let me off with just a warning.

Odd....I'm usually not that lucky.
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You may have passed the "Attitude Test." Don't underestimate those first five seconds.

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There is a Rodney King joke in here somewhere
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Well, where you by chance near one of these?
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Originally Posted by G.Rand
Thanks for letting me off the hook with just a warning tonite. I really deserved a speeding ticket.... I have no idea why the cop decided to let me off with just a warning.

Odd....I'm usually not that lucky.

Were you stopped on a freeway/Interstate or surface road?

I ask because I have been stopped by the LAPD on I-10 while in my car and definitely deserved a ticket but got a warning.

I've noticed times when cars have passed the LAPD while on a freeway but they do not get pulled over. I've also noticed that I never see cars pulled over on the freeways/Interstate by the LAPD.

Not a certainty but this seems to have something to do with it.

BTW hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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For sure attitude goes a long way...I've been harassed in the hills twice in two weeks on the bike...the first was we pulled up to a stop a t-junction, I was following a friend on a 1098S he stop looks and takes off...literally just as he's gone a police car rounds the bend coming towards us with still more than enough time for me to pull out so I do and there we are cruising together in an 80kph zone I'm doing my best to stick to the limit and noticed I have hit 85 and slow down...anyway after a k's the lights come on and I pull over. Rather than asking what the hell that was for I asked what I could do him??? routine inspection he we got through license and here's the good bit...I keep my rego disc is under my seat where the hell do you put so that it doesn't look ugly, I wasn't going to try that one but equally as cheecky I started out with on the rego from it doesn't say displayed...he cut me off there assured me you do and says and he notices that the loop part (for the bolt) is snapped and says this is why it's not there isn't it...I agreed and am let off with a caution.

Last friday while riding with a friend on a GSXR600, we just got to the good part of the hills get around the corner and become stuck behind a 4WD police paddy wagon...he's doing 80kph on a 100kph rd...we pull up behind him and he slows right down to 65kph ...we are stuck behind him as this entire road in unbroken double white lines with no overtaking lanes and there was no way I was going to pull over and let him get ahead... finally we reach the road were we usually turn's a main(ish) road and if he didn't take we were.

He goes past it, I left my indicating to the last possible moment and we were free of him...that was until we reached the next township and stopped for a drink at the local turnaround point when he pulls in next to where we were sitting and got here too fast fellahs and asks us how fast we were going...tells us how fast he went and that there was no way we could have beaten him there unless we were well, well above the speed and and persisted in asking us how fast we were going...I just said around the speed limit (which is 100kph on that road also) and my friend says oh yeah 80kph ...I swear I thought he was going to get out and taser him for that one...and he just keeps getting more and more adgitated (he was an old boy too, well into his 50's) and starts berating us and threatening to book us as there were moments during that 20 kms we were stuck behind him that both of us had taken one hand of the handlebars and he keeps on with the come on how fast were you going now calming down and trying to look friendly...nice bike he says to me...thanks I love it...then again with the how fast were you going. At this stage he's/we've drawn a samll crowd and he can see he's starting to look a bit stupid the way he was carrying on so he starts driving off and swings around for one last pass by and yes you guessed...come on mate just tell how fast were you going ...I felt like saying how stupid do you think we are...early on it the piece but it's just not worth antagonising them...especially when you have your rego disc under your seat.
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They probably didn't give you a tag because their vehicle was not calibrated for speed and had they issued a ticket, it would have been dismissed in court. More than likely they were pissed off with your speed and decided to pull you over and vent about your speeding and let you go with a verbal notice.

But who is the enemy...

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I was on a surface road -- Venice Blvd -- inner city. Venice Blvd. is a wide 6 lane boulevard with a speed limit of 35 mph. I was at a light, took off pretty quickly when it turned green, and came up to another red light about 1/3 mile up the road. As I came up to the light there were several cars already stopped and waiting, so I split lanes and went to the front to wait for the light to turn green. It was only when I was stopped and waiting for the light to turn green when I noticed a motorcycle cop right behind me -- splitting lanes to follow me. He yelled at me to pull over when the light turned green, so I nodded and did what I was asked to do.

I pulled off the main road onto a small sidestreet and stopped. I was on my Brutale and have removed the rear turn signals from that bike -- I'm using the built-in turn signal feature of the Clear Alternatives brake light. I thought he was going to hassle me a bit for those, but he didn't. He just said he thought I was going a bit too fast for Venice Blvd (he said I was clocked at 60 mph), and asked for my license.

I took off my helmet, and whipped out my wallet. I handed him my license, and muttered something like "Yeah, I guess I might've been going a bit too fast". He asked me how long I've had an M1 Class license (motorcycle license), and I said "about 20 years or so". He handed it back to me and said, "today's your lucky day -- I'm going to let you off with a warning". I thanked him, and went on my way. The exchange took less than 2 minutes. Nice cop -- didn't ask for insurance, run my license, inspect my bike for violations.... nothing! I guess today WAS my lucky day after all.

Hey, Julius! Nice to hear from you..... hope you had a good holiday, too. Let's get together for ride soon, huh?

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I was doing a steady 115 tucked behind a Rolls-Royce when a red un-marked appeared from behind and pulled the Roller.....I thought to myself, thats a lucky one....slowly increased speed back up to 115/120 and a couple of secs later another unmarked..a blue Ford starts flashing me...then the blues behind the grille come on and I pull over.
3 cops stood around me. Converation goes something like this:

'Now, Is this a day of harmony... or a day of dispute and argument?'
Harmony...I offer
'So, lets start with the limit on this stretch then?'
70 I curteously respond..
'Excellent,...a day of harmony it is it?....
beacause... now for the difficult fast do you reckon you were going?'

Now, I knew a response of 70 wasn't going to work with these guys and I knew 100 was an automatic ban, so I offered, what I thought was a more than reasonable.. 90???

Two of the cops went back to the car shaking their heads, so I was a bit unsure how this was going to pan out. The remaining cop started complaining about the paperwork he would now need to do, and what a long day it had been etc. etc..

'90? you say...are you sure you don't want to re-consider?'

Thought I would stick to my game plan...
'95' I offered.

There was a long period of silence as he just stared at me....I smiled at him (oh god he probably thinks I'm gay now)..

'Can I just say... (the copper said in a now despairing voice)...despite popular belief, our cars are not tuned, they are totally standard, well serviced, and with a calibrated speedo. My colleagues and I, whilst not being particularly over-weight.. were flat out in our car at a respectable 120mph for a car of this type..and we weren't gaining on you, so for the love of god....will you please give a reasonable response as to how fast you believe you were going??'

'Erm..(long pause).....99?...' and for some daft reason I grinned at him!

He shook his head, smiled and said
'Look me old mucker...I'm sure your bike is quite capable of some ridiculous top speeds, and I'm sure its alot safer than most of the wrecks that are on the highways today....but....please....please..try to remember that the law is 70 on motorways..'

and with that he returned to his buddies in his unmarked blue ford, they then followed me for a few miles, and then took off past me and pulled a car that came hacking past us...

Moral of the story...
(1) Don't be arsey with cops...some have a sense of find it and exploit it!
(2) Be polite at all times....they don't expect its usually win win for you
(3) Use your mirrors...even that vibrating blur can give a clue as to whats going on
(4) Unmarked cars are working in twos and threes...never believe you are safe!
(5) Try to be as inconspicuous as possible - weaving at speed on a motorway aint clever. In fact I stick to the left lane (UK) no matter how fast or empty the motorway is. Its amazing how slow a fast bike can look on an empty highway if tucked into the left of the 'slow' lane.
(6) If you are travelling in a group...spread out...a group at speed stands out like a sore thumb.
(7) Carry all your docs...if they don't have the need to run a check on you...they will often as not leave you alone!

All pretty logical and comon sense stuff....but I have been pulled 30 odd times and only received a ticket once.

In the UK we have got some cops who seem to be on a mission against bikers, but my theory is that even the most miserable can laugh at something or other, its just trying to pull the right string!...
Good luck!

The wife said "Go buy some Art"...
...............(_)/ (_)
I bought art.....MV Art!
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Yeah I had a pursuit car hassle me for a few km's on Scarborough beach road, our main drag to our main beach.

Problem was I was heading away from the beach, with the wind behind me and a 60 kmph limit ... I thought the bike was gonna go thermonuclear, it was getting so hot.

The pursuit car would ride next to me then fall back and kept doing this for a few km's.

I got caught up in traffic in my lane and a guy hung out of his car and yelled "that cop wanted your arse mate".

Beats me why he didn't just pull me over, I have no rego tag on the bike, they keep getting stolen. And the new tag is, well new, so I haven't had time to put it on the bike.

If you ask me, he just loved the bike, eh guys?

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