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Cool Is big brother (your dealer) watching?

As I work in the Midwest and have somewhat relocated South in anticipation of retirement, I move around a bit. I recounted on this site my first Brutale sighting at the South dealer, and my subsequent purchase of a factory demo from the dealer, I usually patronize. The savings was about 5k, so I did not think anything about buying from a dealer I truly enjoy doing business with. Today I visisted the dealer of the first sighting. I was given the cold shoulder by the salesperson I had talked to previously. Though he was not particularly pleasant on the first visit. All that he did was wheel the bike out the door and started it. I also asked about a used 910R, I had seen the day before. I was told it was in a container and it was too much work to find. Though the owner of the dealership did show it to me and even offered a test ride. I did not take him up on it as I did not consider myself a serious customer at that time.

So to make it up to them, I tried to buy a tank bag today. As the Brutale has a plastic tank, I thought a Marsee Carona with a gas cap connector would be good. These carried a sticker of 240 to 300 dollars. I decided on the middle size and though they had the bag with the correct connector in another size and it would have not been a big deal to switch the connectors. This seem like a big deal so I agreed to order the correct bag. When I politely asked the saleswoman for some sort of a discount, she walked away. While I realize a retail business must make a profit, I am also in retail and people constantly balk at paying me 5% over cost for comparibly priced items. When I have to say no to their deal, I always do it politely. I also have purchased about 1000.00 worth of stuff over the years from this same dealer, always paying their full price or marked sale price.

So I browsed some more, wanting to have a repotoire with these guys, as I will need to go there for service. However, from my business I know that cases have at least a 100% markup to retail list which was their selling price. So I really needed some sort of discount. So I approached a different guy at the parts counter and asked if he could throw in a dealership t-shirt which was priced at 19.95. This probably cost the dealer 5 or at the most 10 dollars. This would then be a discount of 2 to 4%. He said he would check with his manager. He came back and said that the t-shirts are high demand items and that I did not buy my bike there. Now a dealer makes maybe 1500.00 on a full price bike and does a lot of work. The profit on the bag was probably 130.00 even with the free shirt. I found the bag at another dealer for 35.00 less and online for $100 less.

Lesson one. I am in the wrong business. Lesson two. Be careful what you say around here. You never know who may be lurking.
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That is interesting, I have found this to be true of most places. If you did not buy the bike from them you generally get the snub.

So I ask this, why do you feel you can ask for a discount on an item at a motorcycle store that is locally owned. Do you go into cycle gear ask them for a discount on an item? Perhaps you should try this at Wal Mart as well...

I do not understand why people ask for discounts on small items. There is a price tag on them, if you do not want to pay that price just do not buy it. I for one would rather pay a higher price to keep the small local guys in business. They do not get the discounts of larger cooperations, they have heating and cooling to pay for, staff to pay, etc.

Just my 2 cents...

I believe she is the Devil in a candy wrapper.
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I own a small business, and have for quite a few years. It always annoys me when someone feels their entitled to a discount, especially when purchasing a single item.
Maybe if you were interested in ten of them they would have entertained your request.

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Having a few horses in the barn here, I have business with several dealers. They might not do everything to my satisfaction, but most of the time they do and I know they try. I don't try to nickel and dime them. I pay what they ask, and we have a great relationship. I might pay slightly more than someone who is totally about price, but I'm more about relationship. I get all kinds of insider info. I get all kinds of preferential service... like bike appointments, loaner bikes, extra product care. Sometimes they give me things, like an unsold road atlas. It is unsolicated -- they just give it because they value my loyalty, and me as a customer. I'm easy going.
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So you "tried to make it up to them" by asking for a discount?

And why do you feel entitled to a discount when you've purchased nothing from them before?
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In a side business I own, the more you buy the higher the price. Seriously. Allow me to explain. I sell a commodity that is in very limited supply. It is going to cost me more to replace what I have. Therefore, if you are depleting my entire stock you will get no discount. Eventually supply will catch up with the demand and then quantity buyers will get a discount, but not in the forseeable future.

Clear as mud.

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Well, I know mine is watching, but not really sure what that has to do with discounts.

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Ask for half off and watch him/her rip the bag right down the middle.

And +1 with TokyoLunch
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Does one ask the gas station attendant for a discount on gas? Does one ask for a discount on the groceries they buy? Does one ask for a discount on their electricity or water bill? Does one offer to buy a girl a drink and then ask them to pitch in .50 for a show of good faith? Does one go sign up for a sky dive jump and ask for a discount?<---if you do then you shouldn't be jumping out of planes.

Unless you are making a large purchase or buying consistantly for a long time then one should not feel entitled to a discount. Just put yourself in the other persons shoes. You are trying to nickle and dime someone for a small purchase item. It may be a different story if you make a rather large purchase at one time or over the course of time, but you have to build up a relationship before you could ever expect something like that. Expect is to strong a word. If you build up a relationship with your dealer, or anyone, you still should never 'expect' them to discount things for you. They do it out of their own goodwill, and not because you ask. If you have to ask, then you are being a dick. If you want it cheaper then shop around for a better deal, or put in the thousands, millions, billions of dollars in to open up your own business so you can get the items you want at/below cost.

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I do own a retail business. Almost 50 years. Nobody, absolutely nobody is willing to pay full retail price. Most everyone shops around, many will point out a lower price if I do not already have it. I have to shop my competition continuosly. If they have found a lower price, they are doing me a favor by asking because they would rather buy from me than elsewhere. If they are willing to pay a little more than online, then they are really nice people. Some will ask for a discount even if I have the lowest price. If I need to say no then I do it politely. I feel that $275 for a bag is a big purchase. Maybe I am just not in the wealth league of other MV owners.

The point is I do not care if they bought the main item (in this case a camera) elsewhere. Sometimes, I pretend I think they bought it from me and offer them the small accessory discount for having bought it from me originally. All the profit is in the accessories and services. The reason dealers offer you a small discount on accessories when you buy a bike is not to sell the bike but to get you in the mindset of buying ad ons. The reason many auto dealers give the first oil change free is to get you in the habit of coming to them for service. The bag was going to give the dealer 10% of the profit of a bike with none of the hassles.

My main point, however, was they already knew I had bought a bike elsewhere. Moreover, it bothered them even though this was a bike (in this case a demo) that they did not have to sell.
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