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The bike is not allowed for traffic as it stands there on the picture. The only thing that was'nt race ready is that I didnt yet dismount the passenger pegs haha, and the rims with street tyres still on there.

Anyway, Usually after such a weekend i just dismount the plastics and put on the light...then back with all the original plastics...and ofcourse the sidestand. And then she's ready for the street.

Its a bit of a hassle to mount/dismount everything, but mainly the first time over. After a few times Its not so difficult and also I use to put screws and small stuff in plastic bags with dedicated names on 'em. In that way I dont have to go crazy over trying to remember what screw's for what place!

cheers guys!

Ps. As you probably see theres nothing in the way of turning signals or registration plate as on the picture.

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