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Originally Posted by Jeffa55 View Post
Hello all...

Just picked up a 2015 Dragster RR here in the US (Massachusetts) and had a few questions:
1 - I have tried to find an oil filter that will work online... is there anyone in the US that sells oil filters for this bike? Will filters from earlier 800's fit this bike?
2 - How about crush washers? Does this motor use them?
3 - the only issue I have had so far is that the right side mirror will not tilt 'up' enough... it hits the brake guard. The guard is keyed into the handle grip so I can't adjust it downward to allow the mirror to angle up more... anyone else have this issue? it looks like the brake guard is angled slightly higher than the clutch guard.

GREAT bike overall... the best looking bike I have ever seen.

Same issue for me on the mirrors. I loosened it up and found it keyed... Doh!
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