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Originally Posted by R1andrew View Post
Where is Randy. I know he wants to input some of his vast knowledge here.
Originally Posted by quad-turbo View Post
Yep Randy will be along presently.
Originally Posted by SportBikeMike View Post
I don't believe Randy likes any Lambo but the Miura!
Where's Waldo? . Ok, I give Randrew grief because he doesn't know any better than to be a Lambo guy, yet I love the guy. He's welcome in my home anytime.

Mike's correct......almost. The early Miura is truly a SPECTACULAR car. I've always loved that car. The earlier 3500 is also a nice car. Since the Miura, Lamborghini hasn't made anything I'd own. When compared to contemporary Ferraris and Aston Martins, they just don't measure up......and the market bears that out. Resale on almost every Lambo since the Miura doesn't come close to the competitive Ferrari. Look at Countachs compared to 512 BB.....they cost about the same new, yet the Ferrari will bring 2-3 times as much.

.......until the new Hurican (sp?) I absolutely adore the new Hurican. This is the first contemporary Lambo I'd consider owning.

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