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Lacking a chock, which is by far the best way to secure your bike, Strapping it in is a good second choice.

Canyon Dancers can twist your grips, so use caution on the throttle side. I use one all the time, the grips will return to their shape after a little bit, faster with heat.
There is a better strap out there but for the life of me I can't remember the brand.

I also rent a U-Haul Motorcycle trailer sometimes, it's cheap and has a ramp. When I use my truck I put the wheels in the gutter at the end of my driveway which lowers the tailgate a good six inches. I have two 8 foot 2x12's which is my ramp and the other I walk up on as I push the bike into the truck. Not stylish but it works.

When I strap the bike in, I do the front first, and have the kickstand up. I attach the straps as low as I can get them in the trailer or truck, and the other end to the handle bars.I pull one side tight a little until the bike tilts, then pull the other side. A little on each side as the suspension compresses so the bike is straight up and down and there is no more moverment in the forks. They make a plastic block you can also put on your tire and under the steeringhead to keep you from having to compress your suspension so much, but I hav enever used one.

I also secure the rear of the bike for left to right movement, and up and down movement. I once just tied the front down, and the bike was slightly leaning, I hit a bump and the rear tire came up and the bike jumped to one side almost breaking the turn signaL. Take your time, tie the bike down, check everything 3 or 4 times.

One the drive home, look at all the people that will be checking out your bike in the truck. If you stop anywhere, be prepared to talk about your bike and answer lots of questions.

Enjoy yourself.
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