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Originally Posted by nicensleazy
Here in the UK, you can't help noticing that 312 prices are dropping. For instance, the RRP is £14995, certain dealers are selling them for £12995. Much more of a sensible price and brings us more inline with Europe etc. My personal opinion is that the 312 model is struggling to sell in the UK. OK, yes we know about the uprated parts etc, but most won't change from their R models and even the S model. Also, certain bike reporters like MCN have not given it a gleaming write up. I think people are sticking with what they have got and possibly waiting for 2009. No one want to throw money away!
wise words

im sitting here with cash awaiting a good deal, no hurry as winter is aproaching (although a 312 would be an excellent centre piece in the home) until spring.

doesnt matter if its a 2007 or 2008 plate as private number will be going on and I wont be looking to sell it on, for a long long time.

I really want to deal with my local dealer but when you see prices of £12994 for a new 312, its one heck of a saving even better deals on F4 1000R, I think i will sit tight and wait see what comes up (now that im over the "need it now" urge).

you never know a nice low milage senna or tambo might pop up as i wait

you know my views warren, just waiting until the time is right
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