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Smile First Dyno Run with Eprom Chip, BMC & Midpipe

Here's my first Dyno run, with these bike modifications - 2004 Brutale 750 S
- BMC Airfilter (Ferracci)
- Mid pipe (Pirate's Lair), Stock MV cans
- Moto One MVB02 Eprom (from Brad in OZ, thanks)
I also have Power Commander installed but for now running a ZERO map.

HP seems a little light at 108.6 compared to some others that claim 114-118 with this setup.
The air/fuel map shows it on the RICH side, the dyno tuner indicated that 13.2 would be a good target across the board, I'm in the low 12's, although I keep hearing that these bikes need to run rich.?

I too have the slight dip at the 8000-9000 range, like ALL the other dyno charts I have seen.

I did the eprom install, the TPS reset, throttle balance etc myself all as per Moto-Ones notebook information. A great resource thanks Brad and a must if you want your bike to run silky smooth. The only special tools I needed was my digital voltmeter and a Twinmax carb balancer.

The general running has improved immensly. When I originally ran it with the Power Commander (before the Eprom chip change) it was OK, no hestiation down low, but sounded noisy, a little lumpy and fuel mileage consistantly 80 miles exactly to reserve (22mpg), no matter city or highway. I have not done a fuel comsumption test yet. The Eprom change & TPS setup has really made it a different bike.

Think I will leave it alone for a bit and get some riding in and consumption stats, before I fiddle with the PCIII map.
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