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Be careful how you interpret this as I am not on the technical side of things and this could turn out to be quite incorrect. The overall weight itself doesnt seem to be a problem because the power is good enough to drag it all along. Chris Burns reports that the bike is as quick anything on track in a straight line, and the figures through speed traps reflect this. The brakes are also very good as well which is not a performance inhibitor.

Being able to brake hard deep into a corner, whilst holding a line and managing any bumps is a personal set-up issue and often has to be comromised because of the nature of different corners at a particular circuit.

However, it is much more likely that where the weight is on the bike is more of an issue. The engine is quite a heavy lump (compared to others) and it is not located (as far as I understand) in the same way as the Japanese bikes, it is slightly higher in the frame.

For Cadwell we lowered the whole bike, front and rear which made a huge difference and was immediately 50% better handling. This meant we could at last just concentrate on small settings for personal preference. In morning warm up Chris was running with Glen Richards, and inside top 10 pace at a circuit we felt didn't suit the bike.

I suspect that the weight bias front to rear is also quite different (to a Yamaha or Suzuki). What all this amounts to for us trying to get them racing at the top level is a lot of testing and experimentation as we have limited knowledge about them. For both Chris at X-Bikes and STP team this is the first season with the bikes, it's such a shame that the season is closing on us now.

With a years experience behind us I think we will not be far off regular podiums for next years campaign, depending of course on just how good the new 'Blade' is.
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