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Lightbulb 1078 or 1090 - thats the question!

Hi guys! pls. shed your lights to my quest of the best choice! on the one hand the 1078 is pure, raw power delivered through mv's luxury package and when this model came out everyone and every review was blown away. and on the other hand the 1090 offers a full extra package that a streetfighter needs (steering damper, slipper clutch, traction system) but, so far, none has been blown away by test riding it...

Pls those of you who own a 1078 and have the experience with a brutale in general pls state your reasoning which model would you go with, given the choice. Aspects like practicality, daily commuting, and etc should be considered.

Pls state some criteria based on the package, pros and cons of both models. Your opinion will determine in a respected degree my decision of which one is better to buy! so far i tend to go with the 1078 to be honest.

I appreciate your input in advance!
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U answered your own ?. The 1090 is a no brainer. All those extra goodies should seal the deal.
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There haven't been a ton of reviews on the 1090 but the ones I read all said it was a step ahead in civility as well as performance. More roomy ergos, plusher suspension, unobtrusive & effective TC, less abrupt throttle, two engine maps. The only negative I read was it's heavier then a Duc SF or a CBR and doesn't flip flop through a chicane quite as fast as a full on superbike. I haven't read anything about it being a step down from the 1078.

I'd go for the 1090 if $ is not an issue. If it is an issue maybe you can save $3K on a left over 1078?

I have a 910S. Same chassis as the 1078 (different brakes and suspension calibration). Awesome bike. A little bit cramped on the ergos but totally livable and worth it to me for the amazing handling and motor. The seat kind of locks you in one position (you can't slide your butt back for corners). The bike feels a little bit short both in wheel base and distance from saddle to grips. I lowered the stock pegs as far as they go and that helped a lot. Suspension is super stiff in springs and damping. It really needs new springs and valving up front and a good shock out back. However the 1078 suspension was supposed to be much plusher then the 910's. I commute with it no problem. Overall my favorite bike ever by far that I've ridden with a few cons that you just learn to live with to gain all the pros.

All the Brutales are AWESOME bikes if you want something with the performance of a full on sport bike with a real world comfy upright riding position. The criticisms of the Brutale to me (and others) were;

Choppy suspension compliance
Abrupt throttle
Short seat
High pegs
Close bars
Electrical based stalling issue when hot

The 1090 addresses all these areas (jury out on the stalling). From what I've read the 1078 also addressed the suspension issue and to a degree the abrupt throttle.

In short I think you'll be very happy with either but probably have almost nothing to nit pick on the 1090, a little bit more safety margin provided by the TC, and a bit more comfort from the ergos.

2006 Brutale 910S
2009 GSXR 750 track bike
2006 GSXR 1000 track bike (sold)
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If both were the same price, for me it would be a difficult decision and I'm not sure I can adequately comment on the 1090 as I haven't ridden it and like many others relying on magazine reports. according to the reports the 1090 seems to be a more 'refined' brutale which for many will be much more user friendly especially with the throttle control. I can comment on the 1078 however as I have one. This bike for me has everything I want, some say about it being cramped with the footrest position etc but it suits me fine as I'm sort of average at about 5ft-9 around 11+1-2 stone with size 8 shoes. Yes the throttle is a little snatchy in traffic but not too bad and you do get used to it . The power is fantastic but IS controlable and not as scarey as many have said. The bike is beautiful to look at and you will probably get a good discount at present. I love mine and am reallt glad I bought it. If you get one you wont be dissapointed.
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If I could get $3k off for the 1978RR, I would buy that and spend the savings on the race exhaust, carbon parts and add a steering damper. either would be awesome
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really,it depends what you want out of the bike-but remember that a newer bike is not always a better bike. I got a 1078rr brutale when they first came out in the UK-May 08.All the reviews i read were brilliant and remarked that the throttle snatchiness was greatly improved over the 750/910 models, as was the suspension,etc. Then, as time went by, a lot of tests then slated the 1078rr brutale saying the throttle was an on/off nitemare,suspension terrible and had a very uncomfortable riding position! I complained enough about the throttle problem for my bike to be sent away by the dealer to a guy at Bennetts motorcycles for a week and it came back MUCH better. Comfort for me at 5'8" and 14st/196lbs is no problem and the suspension perfect. SO-ITS ALL A MATTER OF SET UP!! Now, back to my first sentence-have you not noticed that when ALL new bikes are tested, they are better than the previous model? This has ALWAYS been the case. Some of you might remember when the Kawasaki Z900 replaced the Z1B and the tests were saying how much 'nicer', 'smoother' 'better' the new model was... then later everyone wanted the power,the rawness,the charactor of the Z1B. Which one does everyone lust after now then??
All i can say is that i would never swap my raw,exciting 1078 for a smoother, nicer 1090. Enuf said.
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I think if you need to consider practicality and daily commuting you are looking at the wrong bikes imho the brutale is made just for fun. The perfect bike!

current. Brutale1078rr

Brutale 910
Benelli Tornado RS
BenelliTNT cafe-Racer
honda VTR 1000
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I would go with the 990 as it's 3k cheaper and for me it's probably fast enough. Right now I ride a 2002 f4 750 with open silencers and down 1t on the front sprocket. Whether it's the 990 or 1090 I would recommend taking some track days and get to know the bike better.
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I would get a 910S because I have one so clearly that's the best choice. Kidding.

I haven't read anything to indicate the 1090 is a step down. I usually take a strong look at what magazine reviews say about a bike I am considering because I don't usually have the opportunity to test ride them all on the road and track before a purchase. After owning about ten bikes I haven't had an experience yet where I went, "what the heck was that idiot journo talking about?! This bike is nothing like what I read." Everyone has there own taste in bikes but if you know the type of bike you like you can usually tell from a review if it fits your personal taste.

MV's are aggressive and beautiful bikes that have an edge, don't coddle, and would not be described as smooth. Like a two wheeled shot of espresso.

2006 Brutale 910S
2009 GSXR 750 track bike
2006 GSXR 1000 track bike (sold)
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Here's a link to review that compares the 1078 and 1090 a bit.


The new 2010 MV Agusta Brutale 1090 RR motorcycle is somewhat different. The previous MV 1078 RR, with its throbbing and raw in-line four, almost took me for a ride in an exhilarating and nearly out of control way. MV Agusta has worked very hard to make the 1090 RR a slightly more civilized naked superbike.


MV Agusta calls both the 2010 Brutale 990 R and 1090 RR a silent revolution. Well, I tested the 2008 Brutale 1078 RR last year and I must say that not only have MV Agusta addressed almost all of my complaints, but they have listened to all the "born againers" in their 60's that kept breaking their backs on the Brutale too. It's now a lot more comfortable, less heat radiation, still attractive and less lies on the spec sheet too perhaps? Regardless, I must say that the 2010 Brutale 1090 RR now suits a lot more riders and that can only be a good thing. As for me I'd take the 2008 any time despite its "shortcomings" but the 2010 reliability might prove to be better.


>> The 1090 RR in-line four is still of the most exciting fours
>> Less heat radiation than before
>> Design and functionality: mirrors that work
>> Better seat and ergonomics than before


>> Gear and brake foot levers a little too short
>> Confusion around lost horsepower and gain in weight
'Course 'zines are all fulla crap so wadda I know

2006 Brutale 910S
2009 GSXR 750 track bike
2006 GSXR 1000 track bike (sold)
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