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Resale values

hey guys
I have some questions about the resale of a brutale. I never owned an italian exotic bike before, so I dont know what they go for, if they are easy to sell or not....I was always a gsxr man and they are very easy to sell if you dont want them. One week on cycle trader is all it takes. I looked around and did not see many used brute's out there. So r u guys having trouble selling your bikes at all?
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I tried selling mine on this forum and had no sucess. I priced it well under market value and had no takers. I can say that I am not disappointed it didn't sell. I had a bad experience at an intersection a couple of months ago and it scared me alittle and prompted me to sell it. Kids family and other responsibilities made me question what I was doing on the street. As time has passed I have built up alittle more confidence. I have big plans for it this winter. I'm sure if I put it on e-bay or cycle trader it would have went quickley. I wanted someone form this forum to have it but it looks like she is going to stay in my garage for a while.
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From what I see, owners, who often paid a premium for the bikes, tend to ask too much and the bikes languish without selling. If you price them right, like anything, they sell. But like I said, many owners paid through the nose for theirs-- perhaps they got a "special edition" or an "R" version and paid a superb premium for it that they won't get back (to the same degree) on the used market. So they tend to price the bikes too high, not taking into consideration year-end discounts on new bikes, the introduction of new models, etc.

The other thing is that many folks who want to buy an MV are well heeled and only want a new bike anyway. So those even willing to consider a used bike are few and far between. This also causes bikes to languish on the market.

Finally, those penny pinchers who are willing to consider buying a used MV have to consider that their new baby could cost them thousands if they find they're in need of repair. That sizable risk really causes potential buyers to shy away.

In a nutshell, most buyers want new, can afford new, find that buying new reduces that repair liability, and hey, year end leftovers are the way to go.

On the other hand, MV Agustas make excellent used purchases. They are often well-cared for, have low miles, and are eligible for extended warranties. (That seven year warranty is pretty good!) You can save a lot of money buying used and spare yourself the tedious break-in period-- get a bike just coming into its prime!

Finally, fewer people are searching for MV Agusta in the first place.

Price it right and you'll find the right buyer who feels that way.
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One reason you don't see many Brutales on the used market is because there aren't that many made. Compared to GSX-Rs and the other mass produced sport bikes (including Ducati), MV is a very limited production. Also, the people who buy MVs tend to keep them. Just look at the garages of many of the members of this forum. Not uncommon to have multiple bikes. You will also note a lot of the bikes that are for sale are being sold under duress, not necessarily because the owner wants to sell (see Dave H's post above as example: "I can say that I am not disappointed it didn't sell.").

I didn't buy my Brutale 910R because it has good resale value. That wasn't even on my mind.

I used to be I just dream about it.
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I've got a 2006 910r cost 32,000 in our money,done 35,000km in 15 months. For insurance purposes need to get 3 dealer evaluations of market value for second year average value was 18000 as a trade in. Hey its over 50% devaluation. Hell doing aother 4000km trip next month enjoyed every dollar of the devaluation.Didn't buy it to resell it . Would buy another new one tomorrow. This one still goes . But don't need the next level in performance. Will see what happens.
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I've been hovering on this site for a while, but felt compelled to chime in on this topic. Being a potential MV buyer, I see a few things working against the Brutale and its resale values. Or even its salability in the US.

First, I have to believe a Brutale buyer will be older, simply because of the initial cost of these bikes. With that, they know about the history and exclusivity of it. They're beyond the sportbike phase and desire something a bit more exclusive. That's been pointed out above.

Second, the dealer network isn't as broad as other bikes, so service and parts is an open question. In fact, I have seen members of this forum looking for parts from other members. Shouldn't there be a better networked/dealer connection instead of a questionable method of getting parts and accessories? The brand is essentially new to the US, and I wager that many are uncertain of North American support.

Third, there seem to be details on these bikes that have not been sorted out on a bike costing $15,000 new. I have read about 20mpg economy. I have witnessed the twitchy fuel injection most people speak of during my demo ride. I even agree that the seat would require modification for any length of riding. To budget additional costs for remapping or another ECU, a seat modification, and any other mods to make a 15K bike "livable" seems ridiculous. For the price, the bike should be closer to being sorted than it is. I understand the desire for modifications, but the need for them from the get-go isn't what I'd like in a new bike. A new buyer should not be a guinea pig for fixes the factory should have performed.

To add to this, there is an exploding naked bike market, including (from I4 to triples to twins), Kawasaki Z1000, Triumph Speed Triple and Street Triple, KTM SuperDuke, and Ducati S4R. All of which have MSRPs below any Brutale. Yes, I know the bikes listed have different power figures and engine configurations, but given these choices, it's no wonder the Brutale isn't selling better (new or used). And the trend for naked or streetfighter bikes is toward twins and bigger torque down low. This isn't getting into the BMW K-series bikes, who offer bulletproof performance, but also at a tall price tag, other seductive Italian bikes like the Ducati 1098 and upcoming 848.

Last, Agusta's new lineup for 2008 includes a 1098 Brutale, so many potential buyers may be waiting for the bigger brother in the Brutale lineup. Personally, being a potential Brutale buyer, I am hoping the '08s (European '07s) will have sorted the fueling at the very least, despite the inevitable Euro 3 emissions.

So, what price exclusivity? Is owning a Brutale a purchase based on aesthetics? Or is it one of usability and performance? I do know if I had the 15K, I would likely own one already. But if it breaks, and I can't get parts. . . or if I'm stranded after getting 20mpg during a weekend mountain run. . . does that make me love that bike? No, it would make me think that I spent 15K on a sculpture. Nothing wrong with that. But I like to ride, not polish a bike.

I am in no way questioning the MV performance or reliability, which seems to be platinum. In that regard, it seems they have done their homework very well.

Sorry to make a length missive of this reply, but it's a buyer's market out there for good bikes, and there are a LOT of good product to sample and enjoy. But maybe this week I will hit the lottery and have a bit more room in the garage for an MV. And a BMW Megamoto. And . . .

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To reply to Ed2- I understand and agree with many of the points you made in your "missive." I shared some of them before buying my bike. MV's were, to me, an unknown product. But I became smitten, and did my research. No denying some have issues. But I wouldn't let that deter you from buying one.
As noted before, I think this forum, due to its very nature as a resource, shows a disproportionate number of those problems. (how many blues songs are there about people being really happy?)
Some have them, many (most?) don't.
I bought a leftover '06 at a very good price, and more are still available. Cheaper than a SuperDuke or BMW. I've put 1700 miles on it in 7 weeks (and found time to polish it too ), and average in the low thirties for mileage. And it will improve as I know it's running rich (I live at 7000 ft, am waiting on the tools I need and the time to tune it) If you don't live close to a dealer the work required is not difficult. Oh, and my bike runs very smoothly
And many parts are available quite readily. I know, I've had to buy them ...
My point is, your hesitations sounded very familiar to me. I took a chance, and at least for now, I'm happy as hell. ( ok, the seat will need some work...)
Good luck with your choice,
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As an F4 and Brutale owner I have had nothing but smiles. Honestly for me the MV was a passion buy and i'm not too worried about depreciation. If you want, you can find many excellent low mile bikes which you can most likely turn around later (if you decide to sell) for a similar price (though it will depend on miles).

More than likely most depreciation occurs walking out the door. I know many people here would rather pay a little more for a brand new so then the walking out the door fee is a bit more (therefore more initial depreciation). After the fact, however, i think the MV stays relatively steady (MV 750's are doing okay in my opinion, keeping the 1000s and 910s steady, too).

I think with selling an MV you shouldn't feel like your bike isn't worth much if it cannot find a buyer so quickly. There aren't many MVs out there, and there aren't as many MV buyers out there (compared to japanese bikes for instance). It'll just take extra time to reach more potential buyers than you would say selling a yamaha r1 / r6.

Buying parts from other members? I'd prefer it, you save a load and i think theres a lot of trust between the members on this community. If you can save and there is trust, why not buy from other members. I don't think it's really the fact that you cannot find it through a dealer. The dealer network is growing, and at least for me i haven't had a problem (san diego, los angeles, san francisco) for all of the locations in california i have been in.

If you really are concerned with depreciation, go for an almost new used one. Like others said, they are typically well taken care of.
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Another factor with any brand is financing. Right now, MV is offering 3.74% financing on 2006 and 2007 F4s*. If the buyer is going to be financing a purchase, new motorcycle rates would be lower and may offset the cost difference between a new and used. *Ironically, this offer is only for the F4 and not the Brutale.
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The used 07'910R, I saw at a dealership in Florida about a month ago has sold. The asking price was $15K which I considered high. It was stock. I do not know what it sold for or if the dealer is flexible. The 06'910S that I spotted at my favorite dealer in the midwest sold right away at 11K. It had an upgraded midpipe. I was then offered a leftover 06 at about $1K more which would need to be ordered or a factory demo (with full new warranty) at about the used price. I bought the latter.

If resale matters, then you should never buy new of any vehicle. It would seem the exotic nature of this bike and the demongraphics of most owners result in a lower than normal resale value. Just like a BMW 7 series sedan. But then that is kind of neat also. An average person can also enjoy one of these exotic toys.
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