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Number 3- Mv Or Benelli?

Well coming to a MV forum the answer itīs obvious but...

I own two Ducatiīs 999 (love it) and Monster S2R so the red section of the garage is covered. Ducati always was my favourite bike but the third one I decided to change the company not the country so MVīs and Benelliīs were my second choices.
Benelli is an historical company that I always loved but when it comes to reliability I guess I can have some susprises even that the assistance is very well covered. The model in question is the TNT Cafe Racer and I guess itīs commun opinion that the 1130 is very good, I tested and found it great. The electrics I think was improved by the chinese when they took over the company (go figure that) the main problems on the bike explained me the salesman was the ignition, again recently changed by the chinese owners with success.
The only extra Iīm considering to add is the Termignoni and with that I can have a very good price for the bike. Iīm only afraid Iīll be getting tired with the sofisticated design.
Exclusivity is assured because Benelli here sell 5 to 10 bikes year...

MV I loved the pearl 312 even considering that for the same price, a DUC is a better investment but thatīs my twin heart talking.
Anyway I know MV should have a new model soon so buying this bike now is a mistake for the actual price...I guess!!!
The design is timeless and for a bike lover this counts alot.
At this point Iīm still considering this two options -wait or buy- so feel free to share your comments and advices.
take care and drive safe.
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