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New Bike, Engine stalls

Hey guys,
I just purchase a 2015 brutale 800rr. I had it stall today on me for the first time. I was in stop and go traffic, the engine was hot but not abnormally hot. I was in 2nd gear and the bike stalled like I hit the kill switch. I wasn't decelerating hard, just slowly moving along with traffic. I am concerned because the bike has just 500 miles on it! I have had it for 3 weeks now. I am concerned of the engine stalling in a turn or on the highway. Once it stalled today the starter button was dead. It wouldn't turn over the engine. Once I turned the key off and back on again it started. Any ideas? I have searched through the forums but I didn't notice this as a problem on a newer bike.
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Did you buy it from a dealer, or did you get a transferable warranty, if yes i would take it in and get them to fault find,thats what you paid for.
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I did buy it from a dealer. I am taking it in for its first service next week. They will try to figure out the problem. I was just concerned because the bike is brand new and it was a surprise while riding for the engine to stall out. I was just wondering if anyone else had the same problem to see if there was a solution.
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The not turning over could be a clutch switch issue. Did you just pull the clutch in and hit the starter button in 2nd, or did you put it in neutral?
If it happens again try in neutral, if it turns over ok then the clutch switch is faulty. Don't know why that would actually cause it to stall though.
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Stalling used to mean the throttle bodies needed synching but that wouldn't make the starter switch dead. Were there any messages on the dash? Did it stall while you were going along in gear with the throttle open or when you closed the throttle and pulled in the clutch to stop?
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The bike stalled in stop and go traffic. I was idling along in 2nd gear when it stalled. I wasn't on the clutch. The dash didn't have an error message. The only additional light that came on was the oil light. The running temp of the bike was pretty warm because of the stop and go traffic. It hasn't happened again thankfully.
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The orange oil light is also the side stand light. Maybe a faulty switch or the stand wasn't fully up?
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If it wouldn't crank on the button that's a pretty likely explanation. Maybe needs a bit of lube on the pivot although as a new bike that ought to have been done on the PDI.
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So I finally, after my bike stalling 8 times within a 5 mile ride, I took it to the dealership. I am frustrated because my bike only has 1500 miles on it and has had this problem of stalling since I purchased it. After the first time it happened, it happened a couple of times. It was happening every ride. The weather was nice here last weekend so I decided to take the bike for a ride. First it stalled while at a stop light. Same scenario as described preciously by another poster. Sitting there idling in neutral and it shut off. No loss of power to the dash, just the engine quit. I turn the key off and back on again and then start it up. I can't simply press the start button because the start button is the same button to change the map after the engine is running. If I press the start button after it stalls, the bike must still think that the engine is running, because it goes in to changing the map. So... After starting it up again I got about a mile down the road and it stalled again. This time I called the dealer and said I was bringing it in. The dealer was about 10 miles away. I rode to the dealer taking side streets and the bike stalled a total of 8 times trying to get there!! I was a frustrated when I got to the dealer. I told the tech that this is an ongoing issue that I complained about when I brought the bike in for the first service. First thing he told me was my bike was out of warranty and it would be $115 to diagnose it. I'm am very frustrated and upset with the way the dealer has handled the entire situation. On top of it all, this bike is a nightmare to start when the engine is hot!! Which is another issue that the dealer seems to dismiss. I told them the sprag clutch issue that so many people with MV's experience and they insisted it's the evap canister and not the sprag. Regardless, it's embarrassing when riding with friends and we stop to rest, my bike won't start when we try to get back to riding.

Any input is appreciated!!
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If you bought the bike brand new in August, how is it out of warranty?

I would suggest that you or your dealer need to check the air bypass screws first off. If one of them is fully closed you will have these symptoms. There were quite a few early 3 cylinder models which had stalling/poor hot start issues fixed this way.

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