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For U.S. as it is now, you get a welcome kit, tool kit, plug wrench, two keys, key code card, battery maintainer, the bike itself, and maybe a soda pop while you sign the papers and a lot of upselling during that same time for accessories. No stand. Make sure you check everything prior to signing, especially if they did the installation of any accessories. You will be excited as its a wonderful experience getting an MV! I was upsold an Corse Exhaust and a front wheel chock. Install was poor on the exhaust ( I had to redo the assembly ), and the wheel chock (Baxley) is awesome as it served to stand the bike up in the trailer home and I use it to park my baby upright. Rear fender is not included so may want to consider getting this part right away to prevent caking rear suspension when riding through debree. Not cheap though, its about $400 for the carbon Corse rear fender. Top radiator guard is a must as well, Cox makes one, research here for part or contact Cox. It'll save your top radiator. And if you are like me and like to haul stuff, get tank and tail bags, they come from different makers, I use a Cortech front and Ducati rear bag for those shopping trips

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