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A bike built "without compromise"...

Ok, so how many times have we either read it or said it: The F4 is a bike "built without compromise". Yet it occured to me this afternoon to question what exactly it is that's meant by those words.

It's not justthe F4 of course. "Without compromise" probably has a speed-dial like hotkey on any bike journalist's word processor.

So they design the bodywork so close fitting that the bellypan is known to warp due to the heat. Is this not a compromise?

The exhausts are pure works of art, but all that high-up weight, doesn't help to get the MV to shed pounds. Is that not a compromise?

To keep the sleek lines and airflow into the airbox, the rider's thumbs risk amputation in a tight corner. Dare I say a.. compromise?

It just strikes me that the more often the term is used, the less applicable it often is! Perhaps it's the wrong term. Afterall, the R6 motor is unashamably described by Yamaha as being built for the track "without compromise" made to the road rider. So, in this case they've qualified the statement. It makes sense.

If the F4 is built without compromise, then what exactly is it that *hasn't* been compromised?

Food for thought...

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OK, I'll take a stab at this. Without defending MV or their marketing folks, taken literally, of course there are "compromises." But you have to first look at what your one or two major goals in terms of designing and building a product like an MV. Obviously, MV places major emphasis on performance and styling. If it were ergonomics, you'd have a Honda Goldwing and your thumbs wouldn't nearly be "amputated in a tight turn" as one example. So performance wise, I don't think there's anyone on this board who thinks they're getting short changed whether they own the F4 or the Brutale. Likewise styling. So in those two areas, would you say you compromised? Do you think that the designers said "You know, this Brutale is ridiculous. Look at it, it has no fairings; not even a windscreen." No, they had the motor and styled a bike "without compromise" to their major goals.
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I take the "without compromise" to mean that it's built at the expensive of rider comfort. In contrast, the 999 was built to accomodate the rider a bit more.

I think in MV's secret defintion, "without compromise" really applies to the styling aspects of the bike but I don't think they wanted it market it that way.
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specific examples:

radial valves
casette transmission
the entire faring assembly - easy to remove/install
adjustable swing-arm pivot
adjustable steering head

there's more...

someone else want to take over?

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Go ride a GSX-R, ZX10R, R1, 1000RR and then ride the F4.

-suspension: the suspension of the F4 is rock hard. Perfect to win races, a nightmare for your ass when driving in town on bad roads.
The setup of the suspension of jap bikes is softer. They have made a compromise to make it a lil more comfortable.

-The rider position (ass high, wrists low) is, again, perfect for track. And perfect when you ride the bike fast. But when you ride it slow in traffic, it simply kills your wrists. Same for the footpeg position. Perfect when you ride fast and do kneedowns, it give the bike A LOT groundclearance. With jap bikes they lowered them to make it a lil more comfortable.

-Injection: is perfect when you ride the bike fast. No hesitations, etc. When you ride the bike slow, it can be a pain in the ass. For example the GSX-R 1000K5, has double intake "valves" at the injection. 1 directly attached to the throttle, 1 controled by a lil elec angine. At Suzuki they did this to make the injection more comfortable.

-seat: the MV seat is HARD. Perfect to ride on a track or good road. You can feel exactly how the bike reacts. My Gixxer had a soft seat. More comfortable.


But to tell the truth: I'll take the painfull wrists, sore ass, sore knees and even take the risk that my GF falls of when I open throttle. Because I have a passion for my MV. Not only is the design amazing, EVERYTIME I ride it, it gives me a big shot of adrenaline. And thats the reason I ride a motorcycle.

My 2 cents...
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Hahaha. If you want to be comfortable, drive a car!
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Pure marketing BS, but good BS at that.

No bike is built without compromises. Not even "unlimited budget" single purpose MotoGP bikes. The definition of a motorcycle is compromise.

You compromise high-speed stability for ease-of-handling. You compromiise stability under heavy braking for better maneuverability. Ideally, you'd have a wide, flat tire profile for maximum adhesion under full throttle (and braking for that matter) and a narrow, curved profile for turn in. So which is it? Long wheelbase for accelleration and braking and a short one for turning. More weight bias on the front when accellerating, more bias to the rear for braking. On and on and on.
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In addition to what some have mentioned with regards to design to me it also means MV have not compromised the quality of the parts they use.

In the guitar world many mass produced guitars could be much better if companies were willing to spend a few extra dollars on each one but bottom line dictates so compromises are made and the same is done in the world of mass produced bikes...MV is the company that spends the extra (more than a few) bucks on the quality parts.
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Its a marketing ploy/buzz word, perfection is an illusion, bitches.

"Don't mistake kindness for flatulence, bitchez."

07 Brutale 910r

95 Buell S2 Thunderbolt
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What about when your credit card gets Compromised? LOL!

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