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Need some more help!

So I have been all s1000rr since I put my deposit down on one last month. Not expecting delivery until June. SO, being that I get bored in the mean time I start going on line and researching my "to be" next bike when I come across the damn MV agustas. Well my initial thoughts were, "nice looking bike, but I don't need another headache of an italian machinery like the ducati that has questionable reliablilty and is fickle". My main purpose for getting a new bike was to get another inline 4 to go along with my 1198 twin. Also, nice to have a back up for "when" the ducati decides it needs to visit it's friends at the service dept. Like a lot of people I came off of jap bikes. I like them, but the italians do know how to style a bike for sure. So I agree the mv looks better than the s1000. What I want though is a bike I like the looks of and one that will provide me years of enjoyment and not feel the need to upgrade the the latest and greatest everytime one comes out. I want something that is reliable and that can be serviced if need be in a reasonable amount of time. The s1000 has the gadgetry, the looks are another story. While I don't think it is ugly by any means it certainly is different. it has a 3 year warranty which says to me this is a friggin reliable engine that we will stand by. The Mv I am not as familiar with. It seems to be a much smaller company in limbo. I don't know if they are going to be as reliable? Or am I going to be replacing radiators and what not every 600 miles? If MV goes under can a qualified non mv mechanic service this bike? I am really at a loss. If the MV 2010 models can deliver I may have to rethink my BMW. I am interested to hear your guy's thoughts and how many of you have had troubles with your bikes and how much mileage you put on them.
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Tough one...I cant really help you as I only have 1300km's on the bike so far and it has been good.
You are however asking about bikes that are years old and definatly have had some dramas for some people, unfortunatly you cant get on a BMW website and find out the same info on the s1000rr as these have not been around for years...I would prob bet that the s1000rr will be reliable and there is no doubt that they would have done plently of testing and as you say - 3 year warranty, well thats confidence.
Still, its a new model, but in my opinion BMW out of all the manufacture's will be the most likely to get
it right first time...Thats my opinion anyway.

Currently : mv1000f4 312r, Ducati 750ss (95),and previously...gsxr600 k1, yzf1000r, ducati 900ss, ducati 600m, yzf750r, cbr600f, xt600, gpz900r, nsr250sp, kr1,
cagiva mito 125 (lawson replica), rg250, z250, cb350 (Four)...and counting...
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1. No-one can be sure of the reliability of the new bikes yet because we don't have them.
2. Buying a bike is a personal process - I could never imagine taking into account internet advice from people I don't actually know. Imagine being in your garage staring at a bike you've purchased without being 100% sure about, and having to think "well the guys on the forum said they like them"
3. Buy the BMW (haven't you already been told this?)

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I would totally stick with your decision to buy the BMW. The more I look at the BMW, the more I appreciate it's unique and funky styling. It looks fresh and not dated at all. I like more unique designs though. By contrast, the more I look at the new MV, the more uninspired it looks. From a design perspective, it looks as if they are resting on their laurels--The original design was absolutely beautiful, but the "wow" factor is gone and the redesign does nothing to bring it back........Stick with your BMW decision--you'll be happy in the end.......
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Sorry to hear you have issues with your Ducati.
I have three of them now with the only issue having been
with shorted wiring behind the battery box with two of them.
My 916, sold now was a little different and I think everyone who has ever owned a 916 knows about the electrical problems and the fixes for that.
My 2007 1098 has been a great bike for me and I expect the same will be true for the 2008 1098 that I have not had the chance to ride yet. Both bikes are getting the full treatment of 25 mm Ohlins fork cartridges and Ohlins TXX shocks. I have the forks for the 2008 back from Dan Kyle and the 2007 forks will go down next for the cartridges to be installed. I also got Dan's shock link to go with all this stuff for both bikes. The idea is to have both bikes setup exactly the same.
The 2004 999r has been trouble free as well after 5K on the clock.
Any way back to the MV F4, I just got one myself. I bought a hold over 2008 312R that is waiting for me in Reno Nevada. I should be picking it up about the end of May sometime.
The reason I got the MV is it is a thing of beauty. Every time I see one, which is not very often I told myself some day I will have one and that someday came last month when I pulled the trigger and made up my mind that the time was now. I am sure you know the way it works, you decide you want something and you want it now so you go get it.
Japanese bike are reliable, you put gas in it and ride it, end of story.
Italian bikes, Ducati specially, requires suspension work, exhaust system, Power Commander on and on. The deal is once you put another five grand or so into it you have a bike that rocks like no other.
My F4 is getting the exhaust treatment with a full system and a Power Commander, reverse shift drum and the upgraded water pump before I will even take delivery of it. I will have the shop I bought it from set it up and tune it so when I do pick it up it will be ready to go.
I will never see another MV Agusta where I live in Montana for a very long time I would expect.
The F4s have been around for ten + years and the bike I have is the last of the series so I am thinking that most of the bugs have been worked out. Heating is an issue if you putt around town I hear but who the hell wants to do that anyway. Just in case though the upgraded water pump is going on. Horse Power = Heat, the higher the Horse Power the more heat is produced. At 180+ something HP at the crank no wonder they get hot.
The BMW I think is also a very fine looking bike specially with the race colors, the green not so much to me. I am not a huge fan of all the electronic protect me from myself stuff on any bike but then I am an old fart. I have to admit the guys that came up with replacing the steel banded wooden wheels with rubber tires had a very good idea after all was said and done, I bet there were those back then who said that sucked ass too.

Bottom line, get what you want and be happy. You will love the BMW I am sure. You would love an MV Agusta as well but it is Italian and they can be a cruel mistress like the blood sucking bitch 916 I had.

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And dont forget the new mv is well new Its not the 10 year old bike with just a new fairing. So you have the same issue as with the Bmw in some sense. But im sure its nothing to worry about.
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1 I've done some 12000 kms including trackdays) on three F4's (1000S, 312R, 1078RR, now at 6500 kms) over the past two years and I've never had any reliability problems. Overheating yes, but that was solved with the improved MV impeller, though it still runs hot. Of course.

2 If and when Mv would go under (I don't think they will and I certainly don't hope so) the expertise accumulated at their dealerships will still be there, unless the mechanics would get executed at dawn. Also HD will see to it that spares availability will be fine.

3 Buy the bike you feel attracted to the most. It's a longterm relationship.

Sh*t, I want to go out and ride the Millesettantotto... It's been over three months!

Nulla tenaci invia est via
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thanks for the advice guys. Don't get me wrong, I love my 1198 but I was kind of dissapointed it took so much extra money to get it to ride nicely. I went into it naive thinking that for that much money it should be pretty good out of the box. Well, like you said, throw in another $5-6K in mods then it rides like I would expect. I don't really care what other people think of what I ride, I was just trying to get as much info between these 2 bikes as I can. I am trying to get my house sold (alaska) this summer and move to the seattle area. I have seen the bmw in person, but not ridden it (up here you don't get test rides). We have no mv dealer, but when I decided to go to washington that is when I saw they have one. I may end up just holding out until I move and try to see if I can test ride them both then decide. Hopefully the house will sell before the s1000rr is due to arrive at my local dealer, cause I know once it does I won't have any will power to say
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So what bike have you got then?
Answer (1): A BMW.
Answer (2): An MV.
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