Anyone looking for a black/gray F4R and I'm thinking of getting a 312R. -
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Anyone looking for a black/gray F4R and I'm thinking of getting a 312R.

Just FYI. Pro Italia will be getting two left over F4R. I know one is black/gray and the second will be a demo model with 400 miles and be priced less. I been told there's going to be big discounts on these.

Also, I do know a few 312 and F4R are still available to dealers from Cagiva USA and I'm thinking of trading in my 2006 F4S (which has just been serviced and waiting a new radiator) in to Pro Italia for a black/white or red/silver 312R. BUT.... I did have some questions from 312 owners who've had a F4S or F4R:

1) How's the low and mid-range on the 312R? I've heard the low and mid-range are a bit softer than the F4S and F4R but the on/off throttle is improved (smoother) on the 312?

2) How's the handling compared to the F4S? I'm riding of very tight, slow speed corners and the weight of the star wheels on the F4S are noticeable. Are the Brembo super lights a huge difference?

3) What's your overall opinion on the 312 now that you've had it a couple of months or years?

We still need to work out the big details like my trade so it's no where near a done deal but if the numbers are close enough, I'll pull the trigger. I've been told $10-$11 is a ball park figure. Alternatively, anyone interested in my F4 with 7,300 miles for $14,000? I just had the 7,500 service done (haven't picked up my bike since we're waiting for a radiator from MV Agusta).

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I'm looking for a 2008 312r right now! please P.M. with the details, and P.O.C.

Also, i lived in Scottsdale a few years ago, how do these bike like that dry heat, i plan on moving back in a year are two!
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TBH I prefer my 1000S over the 312. The 312 runs too hot, is very stiff and feels taller for some reason. Actually think the S looks better too - cleaner and less fussy. Both make way too much power for road use which can be a good or bad thing!

If you are looking to get a "better" bike for the street Im not sure the 312 is better enough to justify the cost - unless you are a riding god. Id be looking to get a unsold 1000R as you still get the lighter wheels but they are a bit cheaper.
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The 312 is taller, no if's or buts and it tended to try sit up when going into corners. I actually prefered the handling and set up of my EV03 750 to the 312, and as for looks there was no comparison the EV03 wins hands down exspecually with the silver star wheels.

Okay the 312 has the power but far too many times I found myself at 140/150mph+ very quickly which if caught in the U.K. you go to jail.
the EV03 will keep up with the 312 on normal riding (I dont care what anyone says), keep the EV03 in high revs (9-11k+)and its a dream to ride.

I cant compair to the F41000S as ive never had one, but once you have the 312R in your posession you will wonder what all the eagerness to have one was all about, personally after owning the 312 if I was you i would stick with the F41000S

and YES the 312 runs bloody hot, even here in freezing cold scotland

"the chase is always better than the catch"


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"the chase is always better than the catch"
Wise man...

I liked the 1000S (picking up a blue grey one in an hour in exchange for the Brutale) a lot. Only complaint cold be hat the front brakes were little lacking on trackdays. The 312R certainly is more of a handful with not a lot more power. The throttle response wasn't improved that much.
The 1078RR is a big improvement though.
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Thanks for your responses. I know the 1000s are taller than the 750s which almot caused me not to get my F4S. But are you guys saying the 312 is even taller than the 1000S?

My reasons for trading in is mostly because of warranty. I missed the chance to get an extended warranty by two weeks and doubt MV's radiator reliability. Makes me wonder my I'm still looking at another MV.

In a worst case scenario, f the numbers don't work out, I'd also be fine keeping my S.
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I was looking at trading up from the 1000s to the 312 but the dealer gave me a really crap trade in price. I had to put in an extra $12k to go to the 312. The 312 heated up very very quickly and was only slightly better at really high revs. The shocks were even harder than the 1000s. I couldn't justify the dollars for an updated model with different paint and wheels.

I agree with some people here, the 750 was a sweeter handling bike out of the box for road use compared to the 1000s and the 312.
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I just got an e-mail from Bill Nation with Pro Italia. Both F4R's that they're getting soon are black and gray and he did say he can get a few more F4R and 312. Just let him know the color and the seating configuration if you're interested in one.
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Have about three years saddle time with the 1000S, two years with the 312R. Zero issues with either, including the FI. Both are beyond the skills of non pro-level racers, so this shouldn't be a performance based decision. Can't tell a diff ergonomically between the two, including height. If the 312R is taller it is news to me.

The 312R can get hot if not moving, but you know, so did the 1000S... I had a warped fairing near the cat. Both are comparable in the sweepers and tightest of curves. Easy, confident, and planted. If there's a diff, it is the unearthly force unleashed by the 312R when twisting the throttle at higher RPMS. The 1000S has this kick but the 312R has a harder one.

Net, imo, they are for practical purposes, 98% identical. Your call if you think the 2% diff (appearance, usable performance, something new, etc.) is worth the $$$.

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Allan, just put a few $k away as your own "warranty' fund, and enjoy your S. If something breaks, it will most likely still be thousands cheaper than buying a 312.
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