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F4 High Beam Removal: Need Help

I got the harness disconnected, the bulb rotated in the socket to where it is loose in the headlight housing, but I cannot figure out how to get it out of the housing. There does not seem to be enough clearance. Does anyone know what the trick is to getting the high beam lamp out? I'm working from under the nose fairing, meaning I didn't remove any bodywork.


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Had another crack at it today, and still cannot figure out how to get that bulb out of the housing. Judging by the lack of response to my question, I'm guessing nobody else knows the secret either. I, therefore have to conclude one or more of the following holds:

a) No one has ever changed their high beam bulb, so I may be breaking new ground here. In this case everyone is waiting for me to provide the solution, along with the 8x10 color glossy photos.
b) Someone has changed it, but is keeping the info to themselves, perhaps in the hope that they can profit from that knowledge.
c) Everyone who's viewed this post is out in their garage trying to figure it out.
d) This is a boring question, and nobody really gives a sh*t.
e) Maybe I should have posted it in the Maintenance section. I still wouldn't have the answer, but the venue would be more appropriate.

I can always wait until next time I have the nose fairing off.

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sorry m8 i can't help you on that never tried it and i can't be bothered as its late to have a look in the manual for you

i will endever to look through my box and read the manual for you
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just checked the manual
heres how

If the dipped beam or main beam headlight does not
function, check the condition of fuse B2 in the fuse box.
After which, proceed with the substitution of the light
bulb of the headlight.
Dipped beam
Pull off the protective cover.
Unhook the retaining spring.
Extract the light bulb.
Disconnect the connector.
Do not touch the glass of the light bulb with
the hands. If the glass comes into contact
with the hands, clean thoroughly with a
degreasing product.
Connect the connector.
Insert the new light bulb.
Hook up the retaining spring.
Reinsert the protective cover.

Main beam
Pull off the protective cover.
Disconnect the connector.
To extract the light bulb, rotate it in an anti-clockwise
Insert the new light bulb and rotate it in a clockwise
direction to block it.
Connect the connector.
Reinsert the protective cover.

altho thelast bulb change was with it removed from the bike
the front nose cone is very easy to remove and takes 15mins
there was a link on how to
i haven't hunted the manual if you need to know i'll haapily sort out the discription on how to
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Getting the high beam lamp out of it's housing is a case of twisting, turning, and pulling until the correct combination of intangible factors are aligned for it to be able to come out. It's just a pain in the ass ..... and sometimes it takes a while ... but it does come out. The lamp and its base are shaped like an "L" , that's why it must be angled out just ever-so-carefully.
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As said with G.Rand, its a 9005 lamp, ie L-shape arrangement. You don't need to remove the front nose plastic, just remove/push aside the bottom rubber gromet and turn/twist it around until the bulb comes out.

If you remove the normal beam first the high beam is easier to remove.

Slow is smooth and smooth is fast!!
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As G.Rand and minime said, it just take a little fiddling to get it right! Just make sure the wires and the plastic cover are out of the way.

Getting the standard highbeam out is one thing. Trying to install a HID high beam is another! It is longer so much more difficult!!!
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Yes, it is a pain and takes time and penitence.
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Thanks to all for the tips and suggestions. I have both the owner's manual and shop manual, but neither of them get very specific about the contortions needed to remove the bulb. The shop manual is a joke, as they show the bulb being replaced with the headlight assembly sitting on a work bench.

Also, there's no urgency on this; I don't need to replace it as the bulb still works. I just want to switch it out for a Sylvania Silverstar Ultra or PIAA Extreme White to boost the output. I replaced the low beam with a Silverstar and was amazed at how much of an improvement it made.

I fiddled with it for 10 minutes the first time, and somewhat longer on my second attempt, but I just couldn't find the magic trick to getting it out of the housing once it was loose of the socket.
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Yippee Kai Yay, Muttafug! I finally figured out the trick to getting the high beam bulb out.

Part of it may be that third time's the charm, but it also makes a big difference using two hands instead of one. I considered Minimi's idea of removing the low beam first, but when I popped the cover on it, I could see it wasn't in the way, but having the cap off allowed me to see the high beam bulb from above and figure out where it was hanging up. So here's a blow-by-blow description of how I managed to coax the bulb out.

I took off the right side fairing thinking that might give me more elbow room, and it helped a wee bit, but it probably wasn't necessary. I sat facing the front of the bike with a leg on either side of the wheel, and a shop light in my right hand. After loosening the bulb from the mount, then fiddling around with it using only my left hand holding the bulb base, it occurred to me to put down the shop light and use my right hand, since I was working by feel at this point anyway. I got my right index finger on the opposite side of the round ring base of the bulb and started pushing it to the rear, while simultaneously holding/wiggling the base with my left.

Now here's the critical part. You have to talk to the bulb to convince it to come out. I suggest sweet-talking it at first; things like "come on baby, you know you want to come out", "good bulb, that's the way". If that doesn't work, you may have a recalcitrant sort of lamp, in which case you have to be firm, even cuss at it using your entire range of unsavory vocabulary, until the bulb yields. Fortunately, I didn't have to resort to the latter. A few well chosen mutterings, and the judicious application of my right index finger, and viola! It popped loose all the way.

Seriously though, the whole trick, for me at least, came down to pushing on the flange with my right finger. and I probably only took maybe 3 or 4 minutes this time. Getting the new bulb in was just a reverse trick, again using both hands to "feel it" into place.

I can hardly wait until it gets dark tonight so I can test it on an unlit stretch of road.

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