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F4 750 Q's

Hello everyone, been lurkin for a bit tryin to learn some stuff. Been too afraid to post up anything, assuming I'm gonna get a lotta "use the search, tard!" type comments. But what the hell.

Been riding a GSXR for a few years and its time for a new bike. I think I'm in love with the F4, but heard owning an Italian bike might be a pain in the ass. Got some Q's for you guys.

1) I've heard Ducatis are maint whores, and possibly MV, so I looked at one of duc charts. Is all the maint required just to maintain the warranty, or are they really that picky? Over 3 years with my Gix750 I do the normal routine myself (did the 600 mile serv, otherwise no shop visits), and only have had to replace oil pan and starter button. 30k miles and still runnin great.

2) Makes sense that parts might be a bitch, but is there no online resource that can relieve the headache?

3) Since I can only buy used, is @ 10k miles a lot for an MV, or do they last for a while? (minus unforseen/wear n tear)

I'm sure I'll have some more Q's. I still gotta talk to my insurance, and realize that its a drop in power from my 750 ('05). I'm not worried about performance, just can't let go of the idea of owning one of these.
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Hi SiCC,
Welcome to the forum.
To start with, own a 748/853 Ducati as well as a 750 F4S so I may have a bit of an opinion on this one , Italian bikes are like Italian Women ... Beautiful to watch & work with, Joyous to Love and live with. They only know passion. To the extreme.

The Duc is a Maint. whore ... only if you let them get used to the idea of living at the mechanics shop on a stand.
I bought my 748 nearly 7 years ago now & I've nearly clocked it (100,000+ K's) yes it's cost me a lot to keep her running but the bike is now nearly 13 years old and I've been replacing parts, for a long time, that have reached there use-by date.
Yes you will have to do alot more work to keep a Duc on the road; the tolerances are much tighter on them than they are on a Gixxer. A far more constrictive head design means that there is more labour time required to do the same job on a Duc.

Duc parts are surprisingly easy to get. DNA has a HUGE range of parts for most all of the models still currently on the roads & then there is also E-Bay ...
MV parts on the other hand ... are typically rarer than rocking horse shyte.

As with any second hand bike it comes down to the previous use by the current owner/seller.

Bare in mind that these bikes are designed as race bikes (particularly the Duc 748/916/996/998-1098) and should therefore be treat as such.
As an example, I bought my 748 with 16,500K's on the clock (rode it for a week then had an accident) by the time that I gave the bike it's first major service I'd put the better part of 22,000k's on the new clock; the next major service was 35,000k's later (as I was going to ride half way across the country) then there was another 28,000k stretch before I put the "big bore" kit through it ... she's been riden like a biatch all this time.

I do most of my own work these days. I've learned a fair bit about small motor's so that I can.
check the thread on the 750 rebuild http://www.mvagusta.net/forum/showthread.php?t=5071

All in all. Italians are a bunch of fun; most places have heard or know nothing about them; you'll get accused of being "rich", "arrogant", "gay" (sometimes) & then you'll also get those people who'll come over & oggle the bike because they don't know what it is.
Who cares. get one. get out & have fun.

'96 853 - That pulls like a 12yo
'99 750 F4S MV Agusta - She's rather sick atm
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thanks for the info, although i was hoping for more info about the F4 rather than the 748. Its good to know the track record of the 748 tho, if it relates to a F4.

Originally Posted by DaDukeofOz
you'll get accused of being "rich"
That's the problem, I'm not rich Regular maint is fine, I'm used to changing the oil monthly, giving my bike a looksy every week, but if I gotta tear this thing down after every big weekend, I might have to reconsider picking up one of these.
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G'Day SiCC, I may be able to help. I brought (new) the first model release of the F4 750. This was after 10plus years with Ducati's. In fact I was still racing a 748R at the time.
I was tired of the Duc's on the road (I was getting older I guess). Yes they sound great etc etc but I just wasn't enjoying the road riding on them. And yes maintenance costs was very very high. (Desmo heads and all)
The F4 was revelation. I couldn't believe such a well built bike could come from Italy. It was a much better road bike in my eyes. The early ones are pretty well bullet proof and being an inline 4 with shim adjusted valves they don't require any more maintenance. You will have to find a good dealer or a small specialist mechanic that doesn't screw you just because it is an MV.
I do all minor work myself and just love spending the time doing it. They are a pleasure to work on.
I have had A brutale 750, and now a F4 1000. My original F4 750 I did about 18,000kms, the Brutale about the same, which included an annual 3,500km tour. My 1000 has about 8,500km's, I have had nothing go wrong in those times.

There is a post I did a while back where a magazine down here was given a F4 1000 by the importer with the brief to do a 12 month "torture" test and report on running costs during the year. Not only did nothing major go wrong, they clocked up over 30,000kms in 12 months (including the track) and the running and service costs were no higher than any other long termers they had.It was great move by the importer it showed consumers that myth was busted.

If you are halfway savvy mechanically, you will be fine. A Desmo QuattroValve (4 valve Duke) is not, they have to be serviced by specialists.

I hope this helps.

MVA Sydney
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I think the general concensus is that barring a couple of known issues (like leaky water pumps) they're pretty much as hassle free as a Japanese 4 cylinder. The only problems I've had with mine are minor and could easily have happened to anything else.

Of course every minor problem becomes a major one when you can't get a part to fix it, or a tiny part is only available as part of a whole sub-assembly. For example the o-ring seal for the clutch slave should be considered a consumable part, not the whole slave system itself!

Parts availability seems to be what sunk MV's reputation in the UK from quite early on and I don't think it's really ever recovered. I run into more disgruntled ex-owners than I do contented current ones. But everyone that owns one seems to be reasonably happy these days.

The best thing you can do is talk to owners in your area and find out what their experiences with their local dealers has been like.

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from the few ive seen on the net, was curious about used price. they all had about 10k miles, and were all in the ball park of $10k. Ran into a buddy, he has one at his shop with 10k for about 10.5k (good old shitty american dollars).

Looked at NADA and they didnt have any pricing due to the small market. Is $10k a good price for around 10k miles, good condition?
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Most of the secondhand 750s that I looked at when I was shopping for one had about 10k miles on them. It seems to be average.

However, there's a lot of *very* low mileage 750s out there that people bought as "investments" or to go in their collections that never really got used. I bought mine with only 1015 miles on it and I know a couple of other guys here have bought similar mileages 750s in the past couple of years.

I don't know about US prices, but a tidy 750 tend to go for about £6000 here, which is about $12000. But don't take that as an indicator as the market economics and demand is the driving force.

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