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Originally Posted by mgivogue View Post
marquez - about 20 seconds on a long track. I do not pretend to be a professional racer but I like to setup a bike to my tastes.

regarding improving is an ongoing process that I do by getting on the track over 20 times a year and taking advanced training twice a year. I've progressed to the quick/racer group (ex. consistent 1:59 at Magny Cours on Daytona 675...World Superstock 600 pole qualifed with 1:44 in 2012) and after a few fitness goals get achieved (lose about 10kg off my fat ass) i plan to enter a few FFM races.

handling of a bike is most important part to me (brakes, suspension and geometry)...the F4 will be overkill for power to me but after breaking 3 engines this year (848 twice and Daytona once) I want to move up in capactiy so that i am not sitting on the rev limit all the time...but I want to retain the handling prowess of the Daytona if possible

: ) Just a random thought which is also transferrable to road riding.

I tip my hat to you guys who race. .I haven't got the nerves for it. Marc Marquez could lap me on a bicycle..

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