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So much overheating

So I posted a week ago that my b3 tried to overheat and that all the coolant was gone. I was wrong and there was a touch of coolant still in the reservoir. So I filled it back up with a 50/50 of silkolene pro cool (what my dealer uses) last night. Rode the bike to school this morning, which is about a 10 mile journey, and when I got to school the bike completely overheated, I'm talking max bars and toasty legs. Come to my surprise all the coolant that I had just put in the bike was completely gone. So I rode home today, no traffic, and the bike got up to 7/8 bars. But what really surprised me is that at no point in this overheating debacle did the fan turn on. When I got home I shot the head with an IR Thermometer and it read out at a max of 230 F (110 C for all you people that arent in the US). I was pretty confused since my sv650 routinely got up to 225 before the fan kicked in (yes its a different bike but still) and I had clocked the head before at 203 F when the bike was at 3 bars and had cooled down for a couple minutes.

So I'm trying to decide what the timeline was:

Fan broke, bike got hot, coolant boiled off, replaced coolant, repeat

Bike got hot, air in the coolant system blocking the temp sensor, fan doesnt think it needs to turn on

Temp gauge on dash is broken and the bike isnt actually overheating.

I bought the bike new 1 month ago so I'm going to call the dealer tomorrow and tell them they need to sort it out but I would like to have some sort of idea myself.
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