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Progress on my Brembo upgrade, and usefull info too.

well on a lighter note, here is a little progress report on my brembo upgrade.

ive installed a 19x18 forged brembo brake master with blue pazzo short lever
and a 16x18 billet clutch master with blue pazzo short lever

i went with a 30cc brake reservoir and a 15cc clutch res.

im going to be using 2 pressure switch banjo bolts, 1 for each master.

the one on the brake side is obviousley for the brake light

the one on the clutch side is to preserve the ability to start the bike while its in gear with the clutch pressed.

the brackets for the reservoirs i fabbed out of a flat sheet of alum. then shaped and drilled, then powdercoated it blue to match the levers.

now here is the usefull info part. PLEASE READ!!!

alot of people are saying that u can use your original brake and clutch lines when doing this upgrade, that they reach, well this is not the case if u look closley. while the lines reach the brembo units, they are all the way streched out, so if u were to hit a pot hole and your forks extended all the way out, you could rip off your brake lines from the banjo fitting resulting in a crash!!

since i didnt want to change my brake and clutch lines untill i got the radial brembo caliper upgrade (still saving up for this, maybe one more month) I found a cheap solution for this problem from a seller on ebay. here is a link to what he is selling, see for your self.

its an adaptor that relocated the mounting point for the banjo on the brembo MC to the same location on the originl MC, so i ordered 2 of these to complete my install and safley use my original brake and clutch lines. ive included a pic of it, it is made by HEL

i just ordered it yesterday so i dont have it yet, so i cant complete my install right now, ive come to a hault waiting for those adapters. but as soon as they come, i can finish it up. everything els is complete.

oh and i know i installed the pivot joint on the clutch lever upside down, i fixed that after these phots were taken.

let me know what u guys think.
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