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CLEO Like my MV AGUSYA F4 1000r I love my Worked Super !420cc Firebolt Soon to have small Gt1240 or GT 1540 Garrett underslung Turbo [email protected] 6500RPM 125lbs torque rear wheel. My Buell 1125R with worked heads Crower racing cams roughly 145hp rear wheel AND MY 2013 EBR 1190RS. But as much as admire my 1190RS IT IS A TRUE EBR FACTORY RACER .( 209 Hp 125 lbs ? torque @ 11,500 rpm IF I recall correctly.) The general consensus among Racing engineers is that the base 1125R Rotax V-twin is a quality design that was made for the stress of racing but EBR has made a mistake/miscalculation somewhere when upgrading/redesigning engine internals. (Source=Race Engine Technology & GP1/ German Speed Week.. ..... If anyone gets MOTORCYCLE CONSUMER NEWS , They religiously post ALL recalls. Honda , Suzuki, Kawasaki ect ect ALL New models have Recalls/teething pains . So im not picking on EBR . Rotax has always been known for producing engines that are long lasting and Durable.I have faith EBR will straiten problem out . POINT IS WSBK RACING IS GREAT TEST BED AND MOTORCYCLE RACING FANS/ENTHUSIASTS TEND TO SEE A DURABLE RACE ENGINE AND CONCLUDE IF A MOTORCYCLE CAN HOLD UP TO RIGORS OR RACING IT WILL BE A RELIABLE/DURABLE STREETBIKE. It does make sense.
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