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Not even half way through the season and the fat lady is warming up her vocal cords.

This was it. The one. No, make that THE ONE.

According to the experts, this was not a track that suited Marquez' riding style. THIS was the place where Dani, Jorge and the Espargaro's were to shine. THIS was the track where all would see Marquez's Achilles Heel... if only he had an Achilles Heel.

Instead of all the blather in the papers what was needed was a banner in front of the stadium reading "Lose Hope All Ye Who Enter Here." Barring tragedy, it is completely over. First loser will collect a nice paycheck but not much more.

Marquez could run the table. Eighteen wins aren't out of the question. When Nicky Hayden won the championship a few years back he won but two races. Here we may see the exact opposite. It may take quite a bit of doing for all the others rides in the series to manage to steal two wins from Marquez.

Lorenzo must be completely devastated. He's not even the fastest Yamaha. Rossi can still battle, but not for the distance anymore. Dani has cast off the albatross that was Alberto Puig and he looks better than he has in years. While he may have the best chance, even his chances aren't very good - not without disaster for Marquez - or a little "help" from Honda.

Perhaps the only question that remains is, will it be a perfect year for Honda or will it be a perfect year for Honda and Marquez?

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