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2010 F4 track impression

Just wanted to give my thoughts on the 2010 F4. My impressions are only based from riding on the track so I won't be commenting on things that aren't relative to that

Total miles: 534 Tracks: Blackhawk Farms, Autobahn North, Putnam Park

Aesthetics: To me the 2010 F4 looks great. The changes are functional and addressed key issues. It stays fairly true to the original while at the same time trying to be modern. The only downside for me is if you are looking at the front of the bike from eye level. Looking from the top down, bottom up, side, etc…..the lines are great. But when looking straight at it eye to eye with the nose the air runners look a little goofy. I also prefer the shape of the original windscreen (as well as low profile screens like on the Ducati 1198) but this is simply personal preference. Aside from that I love the look of the bike

Ergonomics: Guess I’m one of the few people for whom the original F4 fit perfectly. I found the bike comfortable and because of the design of the seat and tank, it was easy for me to stay in the position I wanted on the bike with little effort. The 2010’s redesign seat and tank are worlds different but the extra room is noticeable. Still not as roomy as my R1 but not locked in like on my previous F4’s. So I found myself having to put more effort (relative to my old F4) to lock my position in. It wasn’t a big deal as I have to do the same for my R1, but I did immediately notice.
The pegs are high but for me (5’10” 33” inseam) I would have liked them a little higher and further back. This is just preference as I set all my bikes this way because it helps me weight the bike with minimal effort. I also prefer the old position of the clips, again this is personal preference, because it made lying on the tank more natural and I didn’t have to work to pull myself forward. But having said that it wasn’t a big deal and I quickly adjusted. Overall the ergos are excellent and make it easy to get into the position you want be it tucking under the windscreen (which has great protection) or hanging off the side

Handling: I’m 5’10” 195lbs and for me the stock settings were pretty much spot on the mark. I didn’t change anything over the course of the 4 track days I used to break the bike in. Though I hadn’t ridden an MV for about 4 years I immediately felt at home again with the rock solid handling through the corners. The bike tracked insanely well on all the different surfaces of the 4 tracks I ran it at. Smooth, rough, bumpy, nothing upset the bike at all. Turn in was a little slow as was side to side transition in a couple of sections. But over all I was easily impressed to the point I simply focused on my lines and rarely thought about the bike. It did everything I asked and more. The drop in weight was really noticeable
The couple of times that it slid out on me before I could react the bike simply corrected itself and kept going. That is confidence inspiring, knowing that I didn’t have to let off the throttle to get the bike back in control.

The only real issue was under heavy braking off high speed straights, in which the bike would dive a bit too quick and didn’t seem as stable as I thought it should. Even with that the bike never felt out of control. This is something that should be easily addressed when I start getting the bike setup for me. With the default settings I can easily flat foot the bike. On my previous F4s the rear was raised to the point that I was on the balls of my feet and this helped the bike turn and change directions quite a bit quicker without losing any stability. So this is one of the first adjustments I will be making

Motor: While I have tons of experience with the old 750s (Strada, Senna & SPR) I only have limited experience with the 1000s which consisted of a few laps on a Tamburini and a 1000S. But compared to my 05 R1 and a couple other liter bikes that I’ve ridden, the MV motor quite simply kicks ass. I do not run the traction control so what I felt was the character of the motor. It is amazingly smooth while at the same time very strong. Great pull from down low, followed by a frantic almost turbo charged rush up top. But what impressed me the most was how the chassis and motor worked so well together that instead of simply having maintenance throttle at turn in like I do on most bikes. Through the majority of the corners I’d turn in rolling on the throttle which continued through the entire corner. This was noticeable not only by myself (as I was usually closing the gap on people pre-mid corner and already had a head of steam at the apex when the others were just starting to really get on the throttle) and others who commented about it while following. I lost out on corner exits because the bike was still being broken it in I wasn’t getting close to the rev limit like I usually do. But generally anything I lost on the exits and straights I made up on corner entry. Now that the bike is broken in, it should really be fun just to pin it. But overall the motor is extremely strong (I pulled the current HP king BMW on a straight which was pretty fun)
Performance: Overall performance was simply refreshing. It’s great when you get on a bike and it simply does everything you ask of it. 3 of the 4 days have heat indexes of over 100 degrees and I had no issues with the bike overheating or dropping coolant (in the case engine Ice) when parked. Though I wasn’t really trying hard I was running my normal times without much effort with the main thing holding me back was the lack of a GP shift option. This is another reason I didn’t open the bike up too much on the straights because a few times I forgot it was standard shift……and well you can figure out the rest. The slipper clutch was great and though I’d never used one before I’m already addicted to the gear indicator to the point that it’s hard to ride my other bikes that don’t have one.

I’ve read some complain about fueling issues still being an issue with the 2010. Honestly I didn’t notice anything. The bike rain great for me. The thing I did notice was that on my bike at least there is almost zero slack in the throttle cables, so if you move the throttle even the slightest the bike responds instantly. As I set all my bikes up this way it isn’t an issue for me, but I wonder if this might give those who aren’t the impression that the bike is jerky. If that is the case I would suggest to anyone thinking of spending a lot of cash to have the fueling adjusted to first try adjusting the play in the throttle cable.

Misc: Overall build quality is very good though I did have a couple of bolts on the ride side heat shield come out. Not a big deal as I’ve lost small bolts on other new bikes. As on those bikes I didn’t go over the bike with thread lock before I put it on the track

Having ridden Michelins for the past 5 years, I was really pleased to be returning to Pirelli. I thought the Diablo Supercorsa SP tires were fantastic. They warmed up quick and handled great. My big gripe though is that the rear only lasted 3 track days. I am used to getting 3 weekends out of a rear (and as a coach that is more like 6 weekends for a normal rider who doesn’t get the track time that I do) Pilot Power 2CT. But by my 4th day I was basically running a tire that was a tread on the left and a slick on the right. The good thing was it was only under the most extreme acceleration that the tire slipped so I was impressed. Even pushing semi-hard on the worn tire I found the feedback excellent as I could always tell when it was gripping or slipping. Hopefully when I get the bike setup I will get better life out of the tire, but then again the wear was very even…….but not sure though because my 1198 which is setup correctly had the same wear tendency . Which is too bad because I really liked the tire

This kind of brings me to the electronics. As I said I’m not a big traction control guy so I disabled it on my bike. When I started wearing through the tire it would have been interesting to try it out, but the fact that you can’t change it on the fly pretty much meant that I didn’t bother with it. Because the overall package of the bike worked so well I had fun controlling the slides with the throttle up until my 2nd near high side which was caused by my own stupidity for playing around with a friend. Hopefully MV or someone will make a remote switch that will allow you to change the TC system on the fly otherwise I really can’t see ever using it.

Oh and the sound of the bike is simply intoxicating like it always has. It starts off with a low growl in the lower revs but then just goes completely manic when the higher RPM range. What is also cool is that I could swear I could hear the varible intake valves moving back forth as well as some other cool sounds as the motor slowed.

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After two tests of 2010 F4 on track, I would say exactly the same.
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One more thing I forgot to mention was the brakes. I am a huge fan of Nissin brakes as I love the progressive feel of them. I've always been a bit weary of the strong intial bite of Brembo. As the 2010 has the same Brembo as my 1198 I wasn't exactly thrilled about how the bike would brake. Fortunately for me instead of that strong bite that my 1198 has, I was greated with the progressive bite that I remembered my old F4s had

The funny thing is that is the recurring theme of the 2010 F4 form. For all the changes made, for me at least the bike in a lot of ways feels the same. Improvements made where needed but the bike itself still felt like my F4s of the past
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