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Originally Posted by alkatraxx View Post
This bike is from the Factory , made by Tecnoart
It was the first price of the lotery at the "Gli Amici di Claudio" meeting at the factory ( i was there )
Here the vidéo of this incredible event and the pictures i took
Until the factory has an official release its still just a paint job and does not do justice to the CC name plate. Its like trying to market the Batman and Transformer F4 as a limited edition. More like a one off paint job. Rivale CC, call a fig a fig and a trough a trough.

MV original marketing and the original mission statement was that there will be ONLY 100 CC and 300 Tambo ever built by the factory and they will NEVER call any other MV a CC or a Tambo.

The Rivale CC, what's the CC stand for? Cheap Copy.

Slow is smooth and smooth is fast!!

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