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Originally Posted by 2014F4RR View Post
Was the 2014 F4RR supposed to come with the auto blip, anti wheelie,and launch control. I thought the 2013's had it and my 2014 does not have it . Just wondering any help would be appreciated
1. On my last trip down to MotoForza (early April) they had released a new "flash" for the ECU. Before that (my 2013) wouldn't even "up" shift properly. Also; at the time of the last flash I was told ElDor was still working on the "auto-blip" and it should be available w/ the next ECU flash (when ever that is?).

2. If I set my traction control to #2 it will allow the front wheel to come up about a foot in 1st-3rd but, only for about two seconds. When I turn TC off it will literally flip itself backwards in 1st & 2nd gear! So, I think TC is where you will find your "anti-wheelie"!?!
Hope the helps? -Davis
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