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Originally Posted by Adrian206
Did you have the throttle position sensor work done? (as in the link above) Does it run any different? And is there any danger of the motor running hotter due to the leaning out? Bunch of questions hey?
I simply installed the chip and planned to get the bike re-tuned later if there were problems. Somebody might correct me on this, but my understanding is that the TPS isn't affected by a chip swap and would only need to be adjusted if it were out of whack already. Ditto for the throttle body synch. Since I'm only a thousand miles or so beyond the initial service and the bike has been running great, I figured I was in good shape. The idle CO% should probably be checked, but so far the bike seems to run just as well as it did before the swap.

The possibility of the motor running hotter with a leaner mixture did occur to me. So far I haven't noticed any difference, but then the weather here was only in the high 40s yesterday. However, I'm not too worried. If you look at any of the Power Commander maps posted online, you'll see they take out a *ton* of fuel in the midrange. I haven't heard of anyone with a PC experiencing significantly higher engine temps.
Originally Posted by Adrian206
PS Love the bike, can't get enough of looking at it/hearing it/driving it...
+1 on that!
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