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Originally Posted by Lotek View Post
Right. A specific example would be me. I am not saying that this is typical behaviour, but my experience on MV warranty so far is this:

I bought a -12 F4R from Italy last spring. March actually.
It was a demo bike with 1700 kms. I used this some days. Come April 27th -13, the engine breaks down at 2840 kms. So, I called a dealer. He just said it is imported, so I will not touch it. So far it was my decision to import the bike. I can not blame MV for a dealers thinking.

However, I found a dealer/workshop, willing to do the work, provided I fill in what MV does not pay. No problem I thought. That was in August -13.

Today the following situation exists: MV has for the fourth time asked for the documentation to be sent to them, including my papers on the bike and the pictures of internal damage to the engine. It is in need of a new engine..too much internal damage.
Authorized MV dealer says it should be warranty. MV importer says it is warranty. MV says in a mail that it is warranty, and it should not be a problem.
Now, MV does not reply to my e-mails anymore.
Dealer and Importer says MV has to give a go-ahead, but they do not get any answers either.

So, my experience of MV warranty is: No. This goes for Europe. Hopefully US warranty works better.
Yes, all my papers are in order. Yes, it has been ridden carefully. Still doing break-in..

It was nice to ride.. all the 1120 kms I managed before it broke down. 1 year ago..
Wow...that is terrible! I know the taxes are murder on anything nice in Sweden...A shame.

Originally Posted by Fragile View Post
I paid near full price for my baby and intend to take care of it as such. If there is a warranty issue that is tied to defect, I expect them to make right or I will take any and all legal and commercial action to ensure fair treatment. I will say however, I believe their build quality is excellent in the small amount of time that I have experienced this one. Meticulous crafting is claimed on their engine build. I am confident this bike is as reliable as my duc
I feel the same way.

If I buy an MV (or any make) and it falls apart, or they don't honor their warranty, I will spend thousands of dollars just to spite them.

I hope MV are not cavalier with their clients...
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