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Default flooded 06 brutale

hi guys
i am looking at buyin an 06 brutale gladio.. This bike sat through huricane sandy and was flooded the dealer said the dryed out the fuse box and disconected the battery. And never tryed to start the bike. What kind of repair cost will i be looking at? And at 7900 is it a good buy, ill post a link...


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The problem is with any type of vehicle that went threw a flood .. you never know if the water got into the engine and or other electrical parts.

With this in mind its like having a vehicle with a salvage title.

taking into mind that the bike is an 06 and has about 2k miles on it ... its not a new bike.

including the flood title i would not pay more then half the price ... you may have to take a part the engine and do a full re-build ...
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I definitely wouldn't buy it for that price.
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Thanks for the advice I was hoping for better news but its not worth it seeing some other ones pop up for sale for same price same year that run fine...
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I've bought a bike from Mark before. In fact, he had that Gladio and two other MV Agustas for sale last spring. I made him an offer for all three but we couldn't agree on a price.

He's a decent guy, honestly describes what he has, but has an un realistic view of what the bikes are worth.

If I remember correctly, he was asking $11,000 pre flood for that bike.
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esq'z me
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A bike that has been flooded, especially so if it was salt water, is considered a total loss.

Wiring harness and every connection or electrical device is now suspect. Problems may not show up for several months, but they will.

All fasteners, especially those you can't get to to clean, will rapidly deteriorate.

This bike is now junk and should be parted out. The Gladio kit is probably the only valuable thing left on it.
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Afraid I would agree with that, salt water and electrics don't mix. IMO you would be buying a bunch of trouble somewhere along the line.
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I wouldn't buy it or any used vehicle right now from that part of the country as unforunately there will be unscrupulous sellers who will try to unload these vehicles. I could just imagine one of the new HP4 BMWs at turn 1 at VIR when the salt water screwed up suspension and ABS decides to go haywire. I realize this bike was not involved in the Sandy adventure but you know that it is going to happen someday somewhere.
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Default No Way

Is it the same guy who is selling over 15 motorcycles which were submerged? Remember, these bikes were submerged in salt water and crap (as mentioned above).

See page 3 of this link:

I was watching the Chopper guys (OCC) and one of their bikes got submerged. They completely disassembled the bike (and motor) down to bare. I was surprised to see how much corrosion had formed on internal parts. After seeing what they had to go through to bring the bike back to life, I would consider these bikes a complete loss. Correction - good for a part out bike. I really hope some good fortune is headed for the seller. After all, this is not his fault.

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this is way too expensive...stay away from it and save yourself many months of disappointment
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