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Default Trying out a new polish

After servicing MVRick's bike I got sick of looking at the swirl marks on his fuel tank.

I've just got a new polishing product and it was a great opportunity to try it out.

Here are some close up of the fuel tank before and after pictures.

Notice the swirls marks are completely gone and the tank is very reflective / mirror finish.

More pictures to come.
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So what is the product?
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Must be Glare!!
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With glass plexin.
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Unless you machine polished that I'd be surprised if the swirls are gone. Filled- yes, gone - not so much

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We use a combination of Meguairs swirl X and ultimate polish and top off with Optimum spray wax.

The optumum wax / sealant has UVA and UVB protection so plastics and carbon fibre will not fade.
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Originally Posted by iamlance View Post
Must be Glare!!

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Wink What wax to use?? A brief description of what is available.

Carnauba wax is carnauba wax whether or not you pay 10 dollars for 8 oz's or 100 dollars its still the same carnauba wax. Polymer synthetic wax is a step up from Carnauba but still old technology when compared to the new products that are being produced. Lets put it this way, Carnauba wax was used to polish the horse and buggy (well not the horse but the buggy LOL!), and Carnauba wax is highly acidic, melts in direct sunlight cuz it has a very low melting point and when it does this it speeds up the oxidation process of the paint by superheating and frying the paint. Polymers (like Teflon) were introduced in the 60's. They are a step above Carnauba wax but still not as good as Glassplexin. Polymers don't filter out UV rays and they can crack fade and peel within 1 years time. Also Polymer wax has a low melting point, granted its not as low as carnauba wax, but its no where near GLARE's. GLARE is good up to 650 degs F so you can polish your exhaust pipes and it wont burn off. Try that with carnauba wax or synthetic wax and see what happens. I'll give you a clue, it doesn't look or smell good at all. LOL! GLARE with Glassplexin is the only product out there that actually bonds to the clearcoat or paint via, what's called in chemistry, a covalent bond. Waxes and polymers do not bond to paint molecularly. They only lay on top of the paint and do not last.
Glassplexin is a negatively charged silicate ionic compound that has chemical reactivity with the clearcoat or paint. When applied there is an exchange of electrons that occurs between the negative charged Glassplexin and the paint or clear coat bonding the two into one molecule. This transformation gives the paint a new chemical identity that now shares the properties of both paint and glass. Because of this, the newly transformed paint has a depth of gloss that is so optically clear that the gloss looks 3 dimensional. Not only that but the surface tension is increased, the new paint surface is super slick, and because it now shares glass properties it will filter UV rays because glass will filter out 98% of the suns UVA and UVB rays. There are test reports from Labs all over the world on this product including from HONDA.
This is all information I learned from doing research on polishes and waxes since I am so anal about what I use on my bikes and cars. I mean if you still want to use old inferior wax products then go for it. But 10 years down the road when your paint looks dingy and oxidized after applying so many coats of stuff that melts and ruins your paint and the other guy who used GLARE on his bike has a bike that looks better then the day that he bought it you will kick yourself in the pants. That's why I chose very carefully what I use and if I had a $20,000 bike (which I will very shortly and I cant wait ) then I would make sure that I use the absolute best and without a doubt after trying everything out there and I mean EVERYTHING I would never use anything but GLARE.
If Mitch Lanzini from Overhaulin uses GLARE on the custom FOOSE design Hot Rods that FOOSE has him paint in light of the fact that Mother's is paying FOOSE millions to endorse their product, that should tell you what the best product for your MV is.
It doesn't cost $100 a bottle but its not the cheapest product out there either. I believe it goes for around $30 for a 12 oz. bottle, but I know from personal experience that it is a very concentrated product and I get about 3-4 small cars out of one bottle so IMHO its well worth every penny. Let's put it this way you CANT NOT afford not to use it given the benefits vs the price of the one bottle. Did I mention that they also have the best swirl removing product, called GLARE Spider, I've ever used as well? Well they do. These chemists over there are on a roll. Also the GLARE Professional Polish can be used on not only the paint but also on Carbonfiber, glass, plastic, plexiglass, the clear windshields on bikes, Fiberglass, Aluminum, Chrome, and all metal alloys. The GLARE Turbo Action Wheel Cleaner is also another superb product from them. I use it for cleaning the brakedust, road grime, and chain grease sling and its a non acid base formula so you can use it without worying about if its going to damage the finish of your wheels or paint. Its also an Awesome product from GLARE!!! Everything they make is the best hands down!!!
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Ade, Ade, Ade...what will the young'uns think?
(Do you use it on the Bentley?)
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You saw the Bently too?! Of all the "work" pics Ade has sent me, that one is my favorite.
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