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Old 10-21-2012, 06:45 PM   #1
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Default Wow the F4 is nothing but headaches

I spend more time trying to fix it than ride it and that's no exaggeration. You just go from one issue to the next to the next etc. etc.

I bought a sweet 2005 silver F4 1000S last spring. It hadn't been ridden too much by previous owner that was my excuse for having all kinds of electrical issues. First it was fuses that kept blowing, then the starter relay went, then I had to replace the starter diode, then the flasher relay. This year it's been fuel tank, battery and now more fuel pump/fuel tank whatever issues. And now that I have a bike that won't start with the fuel tank off without a clue as to why it won't start, my only option is to call a tow truck to haul the #$^!@!! bike 120 miles to the nearest MV shop to pay those clowns another who knows how much to likely replace the same fuel tank parts that were replaced when I had it in the shop this spring.

But wow it does look nice parked in my garage. I'm pretty much done with the thing. Anyone else?
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Sounds like there was a reason for him to sell it. And who knows what he or someone else did to it trying to resolve the problems. Good luck!
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I have an F4 EVO3 750. I had heat issues in the beginning but all sorted easily. I ride the thing almost everyday (whenever I can) and don't really have any issues with it. Most of the issues i get with it have all been my fault (due to neglect). The best bike I've ever had!

I hope you're able to get your issues sorted. Here is best place to get help...
Melbourne, Australia
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I hear you brother, been lucky with my 2007 but my car is another story. 2001 BMW 330 every other month in the shop, ready to burn it and collect the insurance. Don't think MVs in general are problematic though. You just got a lemon...
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My F4 is the best bike i've had, and runs great.
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My F4 has been very reliable for the most part, alot more so than my Duc 1098 was.
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Somebody has had some seriously bad luck.

My 02 Senna has only had one problem and that was an incorrect spec headlight.

Speak to a few of the guys on here and I am sure they can help. CAG, JDS and Randarosa are always good ports of call.

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I've blown a couple of fork seals in 5 years. That's it.
2007 F4 1000R 1+1 Red/Silver - RG3, Race ECU, mid pipe, factory impeller, recall cam tensioner, MV alcantara/leather seats. Owned since new in 2007!!
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Old 10-22-2012, 12:19 AM   #9
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My stock ecu used to foul spark plugs, leaking phonic wheel cover, leaking radiator and other minor ones..

Thing is like you said its a special bike. Still have it, 20K km on clock in 4 yrs and no major problem last yr now.

Give it a last chance. Be patient and if its fixed you ll love the thing even more..

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You can take the battery out of your list and maybe the flasher relay as well (there the same as Ducati use) Fuel pumps are normally ok (there the same as Ducati as well)

Have you thought you may have more of a dealer problem than a bike problem?
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