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Default Help ! New to MV and need help figuring out the bike

I've ridden other Italian bikes but MV seems to be a complete mystery to me. I'm having the following problems with my 2005 MV F4 1000 Monoposto.

1. The bike runs hot. Two minutes at a stoplight will see temps soar to 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. In city/stop and go traffic the bike will cut out.

3. The throttle feels like an on/off switch (especially between 1000 to 5000 rpms which makes city driving scary.

4. I always smell like gas when I get off the bike. Gas or fumes seem to escape through the gas cap.

5. Hard to get tipped into a turn correctly. Slow turns are even worse- a nightmare.

6. Need advice to set up the suspension. I'm a very light guy, 135 pounds. I can't seem to feel the front end. I've changed the air pressure to 33 front, 36 back and I sit as close to the tank as possible but it becomes unbearable when the engine gets hot.

7. Brakes feel like wood.

8. Despite all of this the bike looks absolutely gorgeous which demoralizes me even more!
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welcome to the forum.
May I direct you to the "Search" tab right above your first post:
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Wink ?

Welcome to the Forum; use FAQ and Search, just about everybody here has an MV, so the questions have already been asked and answered


useful links odonata's list;

my sticky on the UK Forum;
'sources and tips'

running hot? turn the fans on sooner and fix the timing/map and let the ECU do it
my Brutale was 103C/216F at a long light now the fans come on at 85C/185F and it will NOT go over 91C/195F period
it has a MicroTec M-226 from Chris (X81)

Adam (merc07) offers free software to change the chips in your 1.6M ECU

water pumps? both the Factory HO and the Design Corse use a new scroll and impeller

your pipes?
ceramic coat them;

want a rear hub that that won't fail?

you need parts?

PM Carl (CAG)
and he has the real metal quick disconnects too, NOT the Chinese crap

are you sure its the cap leaking? remove the 3 screws and make sure the little seal is there
the leak is probably the plastic fuel line fittings solved by Carl above


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Smile Welcome to the forum mate

You will struggle with any closed bike in city traffic, but more so on the F4. Have a read about all the possible mods and download the manuals Noel referred you to for suspension work.
How many miles have you done on the bike, or how many is on the bike over-all? Put some pictures up if you can.
As for the brakes, those Nissin's can be a bit crappy feeling if one or two of the pistons are seized up, but easy to service them and bleed in some new brake fluid.

That should get you started. Enjoy the reading.
Dons Nel
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I can recall riding my F4 back from the dealers after trading in a 9 month old Hayabusa..

It was chalk and cheese. I would have been more stable on a Penny farthing with rocket zip tied to my derriere ...

It takes a little time to get used to.

Over heating wise as the boys say have a read on mods but in the mean time..check the coolant fluid level is correct...
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Mate,welcome to the forum,that is one hell of a first post.Can I say you have bought a race bike with lights and yes they hate city traffic so there are many mods to make the bike deal with overheating,snatchy throttle etc.Just search the forum for info to make the bike more user friendly and ask for help to forum members to help on any issues,on the open road all of the above dissapears.

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Welcome. you just bought one of the hardest bike to ride. a bike born for its race pedigree. not city traffic.
a Chinese electric scooter better suited for city traffic.
MV F4's will teach how to ride a true race bike, old school ways and in the process get your hands dirty.
Ride it as if you stole it.
I feel the need, the need for corner speed!
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I'm going to run through the links you guys have suggested. Hopefully, I can knock out all of these issues fairly easily. Thanks.
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I can address three of your items-

They all run hot while sitting still or moving slowly. Normal. See the plethora of threads in here regarding heat issues.

The throttle itself (on the bars) is a rather large diameter sheave for the cables and reacts, imho, too fast. The fix is to swap the whole deal for a different throttle with a smaller sheave. Like the Duc uses. You'll lose the "choke" but big deal. Just hold it open til it warms up. I've grafted different sheaves on different throttles and it isn't worth the trouble. Swap the whole thing.

I don't think the fuel smell on you is coming from the cap. There isn't enough opening in the umbrella valves to fully relieve the pressure let alone let that much vapor out. My bet is a too rich exhaust climbing up your back to due the low pressure right behind you.
I got mine. Boy do I ever got mine.
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Yes welcome you sound like me 5 yrs ago.
You'll get used to the brakes....
Upgrade the fan..sooner than later.....
Get a good set of tires......

and enjoy !
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