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Default How to make F3 Oro seat height lower ??


i am a noob in motorcycle world.. especially in MVs.. now i need your help folks.. on how to lower the seat height? for F3 Serie Oro.. the rear shock is Ohlins TTX but not sure what the type is.. sorry..

i am indonesia and only 173 cm.. that's why i really need to lower it a bit..

thanks for your help..
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Hi Dharpo

If you’re not confident working on bikes, its best to let your supplying MV dealer or a competent motorbike mechanic sort this issue out for you, as you might do more harm than good attempting to alter the bikes seat height..

Seek professional advice and let them resolve this for you.. Seat height alteration will have a knock on effect with other aspects of the bikes handling.

You’ve got one of the nicest looking bikes on the road to date, and the last thing you want to do is screw up the handling..

Good luck and enjoy your Oro once it's been set up for your needs.

EMAIL : john@jandrdasilva.co.uk
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how about i make u a deal??? i'll swap u my aprilia rs 380 (rs 250 with a tuned rz 350 motor) for your oro? its got a pretty low seat height and only weighs 132kg?? lol. sounds like a good deal to me?
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I'm actually surprised you have height problems on this bike...I measure in at 169cm and felt very comfortable on it (stopped or moving)
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I'm 1,70 and all it's OK in F4 2010.
You are 1,73 don't touch nothing.

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Stephen W.
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Timpants asked the ride height question back in December 2011 and I again in February of this year. See Adjustable ride height & Reverse shift??? thread

Both my wife and I are in the same boat. I can not touch the ground with both feet, (barely the tips of my boots) when sitting on a Triumph 675.
For this reason I was able to add a clause to my sales contract that allows me to retrieve my $1000 non-refundable deposit.
Not having seen a real F3 yet (and it's a 9 hour drive one way to Ferracci's in Willow Grove PA.) I do not know if there is a ride height adjustment rod as on the F4's.
As I stated in the above mentioned thread, "If you lower both ends equally then the only thing that changes will be ground clearance and trail" and that will have little effect on the average street rider.
Lowering the front is very straight forward. Loosen the pinch bolts, slip the tubes up through the triple clamps the desired amount and then re tighten the pinch bolts. However, dropping the rear is the problem. If MV uses "dog bone" or similar type links then changing the links will be all you need do. Providing some one makes the necessary replacement links. Same if the shock mounts into a separate / adjustable "U" bracket as the new Ducati Monsters do. Swapped the wife's stock M796 mount with one from an M696 and dropped the back 12.7mm (That's 1/2" for those needing conversion.)
People who saw the white F3 at the North American shows said it didn't look like there was any way to lower the bike. We need to hear from some one who has an F3 and can confirm exactly what's what. Tallula, Perfect, anyone???
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Why not just replace the stock seat with something a bit thinner?
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If I remember correctly, there is no height adjustment screw or suspension linkage like the F4. The shock attaches to the swingarm and the frame only (at least on the standard bike that toured the USA). I image the Oro has a very similar if not identical setup. You may be able to get 1" total height adjustment (if i remember correctly) by changing the preload but other than that the shock will need to be removed and modified to change height. I didn't see anything that looked like an adjustment screw but the bike wasn't up on the rear stand so it wasn't easy to see if there was or wasnt.

As JDS said, take the bike to a dealer and have them change the bike for. Be careful about lowering it too much or you might damage the bike going over big bumps.

Cotgrats on the Oro. Enjoy it!
Timmay, tim-may timmay timmay. TIMMMAAYYY!!

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hi all thanks for the help.. i want to lower the height is because i can not make the bike go backwards using my legs.. i have to stand aside and push it away.. well i need to be able to do it while being on the bike is it silly?if yes then i will forget it..

the dealer here is not that competent i think.. because when i ask them to make the fairing more tidy they say it is already.. but it isn't!

there is a screw on the rear shock, and i am supplied with a tools to adjust it.. you know.. the tool is look like a can opener.. it's just that i don't know whether it will lower the height or not..
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I guess as mentioned the dog bone lower links would be the way to go when and if someone makes them, I fitted lowering links on my fazer, made a huge difference. My dealer reduced the tension on the spring on a customers bike to lower the rear and lowered the front forks through the clamps.

I have done this with all of my previous bikes and never had a problem but haven't touched the F3 so far. I know there is a lot of discussion as to wether u should mess with the suspension this way, I completely agree with JDS and would seek out a suspension professional who may be able to gain you an inch or two and would set up the bike for you and your style if riding, possibly the best money you will spend after buying it.

The suspension may settle a bit, u could always get someone to make you some new links, again seek proffesional advice first.

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