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Thanks guys - luckily the insurer has changed their mind!
Thanks for the info about the fires! If they ever try to make me put one on, I will refer them to this post and inform them that it is a known safety issue!

Pick her up tomorrow!
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Originally Posted by Pianoman View Post
I would check with MV mate, i just had my alarm removed but ive been told that the more recent MV F4s 2010 onwards have been told by MV themselves that they are not to be fitted with an alarm.....two dealers have now told me this... if you do apparently it may set alight...and apparently that has happened too
I do believe that is true..and for good reason...

Yes ..I had two set alight...Datatool Red..Fitted by MV Agusta Dealer..

Burned out the harness...loss of bike for a year ..new alarm fitted...went up in smoke...I absolutely love MVs..My mates thought I was bonkers but I bought the next model up and told them DO NOT FIT AN ALARM.....
The things are a freaking nuisance anyway imho.

Made no difference whatsoever to insurance cost with Carole Nash.

Good news that the insurers saw sense Yay !!!

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How about using an alarm lock. I use an Oxford version and it's pretty good. It just fits under the seat if you take the "comprehensive" tool kit out. No battery drain either. I understand that the MV immobiliser is very good too.
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Ryan Stewart
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Dang really? I was looking in that pile of stuff the guy bought in trucks for the alarm in the hope of getting a bit more piece of mind when not at home or work (where both are garaged).
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damm things are more trouble than they are worth - had a datatool 4 fitted from new on my 312r it was fitted under the tank right next to the engine just about impossible to get at if you have a problem - it has been sent back to datatool after failing and let me down at thruxton last year - it is coming off as soon as i get time.
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Bombhead, yeah, I have a Xena disc lock with alarm, it actually works really well, if some one were to move the bike, it goes psycho. I did not really want to install an alarm because unless you can get a harness that plugs in line to the stock harness I do not like the idea of stripping wires on the lifeblood of a bike.
Glad I posted here, because if they insisted, I would have just forked out the extra money for insurance - rather that than the bike catch fire!
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