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[F4S 750]

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Originally Posted by X81 View Post
Thanks A 750 is most definitely on my list of bikes needed for mapping.

Hopefully this sub forum of mine will allow me to spread out the various details i have for people and make it easier for you all to find what you need to know on your model of MV.

There'll be dyno results, fitment pics, FAQs etc all the usuall types of things.

Hoping to work on it over christmas whilst at the inlaws
Which Christmas??
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Originally Posted by macmivvi View Post
Which Christmas??
The one just gone. Sorry. Had a hectic and slightly unpleasent start to the year.

Got a lot of it written out and ready to load, will get some stuff up tomorrow.

I need to get it all done as i have an R7 to play with in the shop and i'm itching to get started on the mammoth job i have to do on it.
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Originally Posted by X81 View Post
I need to get it all done as i have an R7 to play with in the shop and i'm itching to get started on the mammoth job i have to do on it.
Chris call me when you have the bodywork all fitted and i will come fetch it for painting.

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Well all I can say is the bike is the way it should be . You snap the throttle and it does exactly that not like before where you hit the throttle and it slowly climbs up in revs. It really is heaps better plus it does keep the temperature down I'd say a few degrees while running and it climbs slower when at light etc. definitely worth the money . Im enjoying the rides much more. Sorry for the late reply ade

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Also had Chris fit the Microtec ECU to my 750 F4 and what a difference, It is now a lot faster on the revs and the riding experience has improved a 100%. There was a horse power gain on my bike from the PC3 of about 6 HP but I believe that the gain was irrelevent when compared to the improved rideability. Money well spent. Glenn
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Just had Chris fit a Microtec ECU to my 750 F4 Brutale and I can absolutely concur with SBG's experience. The bike just sounds so much cleaner on the revs, is noticeably faster and much smoother. Interestingly and as an aside, my downpipes (headers) all colour evenly now. Unsure what impact this will have on MPG, haven't gone far enough to determine if there have been any improvements or not. Well happy with the money spent though and even considering a quick-shifter.

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