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Interesting to see that lack of speed perception is both a pro & con for you, as indeed it is!

I think when you tell us what model it is taht you have people will be able to give more feedback on your questions as they do vary. For instance, I have a 1000s & we remedied the lower end fuelling with a PCIII - it still doesn't like to be taken thru shopping centre car parks on a saturday but then again neither do I. We have done a lot of fiddling with fuelling & exhausts (no cat) and it starts to let you know what it has to offer from 7K RPM up.

Can't say anything about the gear box other than to praise it, I don't think I've missed a gear since I bought it!

Ride height, yes you can adjust it, the ride height adjuster sits behind the shock last thing before the rear wheel, you can't miss it, silver thing. I would caution against messing with it as the whole bike's suspension is 'tuned' to a certain ride height. I had mine professionally lowered, back & front to keep the geometry true if that makes sense, I am not a suspension guru hence why I sought professional help, I do however know when a bike feels wrong - it's now exactly how I like it and maybe only an inch or so lower, took ages to get right, thank god they didn't charge me by the hour!

Heat - again on mine, I went to Muzzy fans (aluminium) , larger water pump impeller, ceramic coated headers , cat's gone & engine ice coolant - there's threads here (use search function) about other stuff like fan override switches that you can also do.

We are still waiting for pics
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