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So I took her out for a short 20 mile ride today to and from the dentist and here is my initial perception of the bike.


- Insane braking power. Gotojoe I took your advice lightly and gave the front break a firm tug at a stop and literally almost fell off the bike. I promise to listen in the future
- Handling is much more scalpel like and takes less effort to get the bike to go where you want it to go. Made me feel like a better rider than I am
- Feels more like you are sitting in the bike than on the bike if that makes any sense
- Never felt I was going as fast as I was.
- Crackling of the exhaust decelerating from 4750 RPM to 4K
- And of course styling is second to none...I have been riding 5 other bikes(newer model GSXRs and CBRs) over the past couple months and none of them ever got as much attention as this thing seems to. Little kids waved and gave thumbs up and old men stared with a sense of masked lust...didn't see any cute women for their reactions yet


- What's with the tiny smooth rear brake peg? Still haven't found a comfortable position I'm not feeling my foot will slip of it from
- The rear view mirrors were not all too useful unless aggressively tucked
- Very tall shift from 1st to 2nd. Wound up in neutral many times
- Can feel shifts in the clutch lever
- Sitting in traffic I was 2 bars over the middle and the bike was giving of a lot of heat that could be felt right under the seat
- Short rider here so the tall ride height isn't too great when I have to maneuver the bike in a parking lot. Is it true ride height is adjustable?
- Power wasn't all too impressive in the lower RPM range and I never got a chance to get it over the 9K I read it wakes up at
- Never felt I was going as fast as I was

Any feedback on the cons would be appreciated. Going on a nice long back roads ride tomorrow and will take pics for you guys along the way. Hopefully I'll get used to some the quirks of the bike.
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