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Default Fit 2010 cooling system to F4 1000R

The old rads and oil intercooler have been removed. I also removed the water manifold that sits at the back of the cylinder head and changed it for a Brutale type which has no spur pipe ( intercooler feed ).

I removed the exhaust system and fitted a Brutale oil take off plate.

This all looks imho very neat and purposeful. : )

Here's a pic of the new plate. It looks so much better with all the little pipes and hoses to the intercooler gone. There is a reason for it looking better..It is better.

Next step is to fit the 2010 Upper radiator and the proper oil cooler which is presently over at Henry's ( Alumacraft ) being slightly adapted. I'll detail those adaptations with pics when it comes back to me..pretty soon : )

While the exhaust system was off I took the time to check the torques of the sump bolts. They were all undertorque spec..ie loose. The engine has only done 800 miles. Food for thought...


PS I'll add in some description of context of each pic L8 R as have to go to work : )
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